Magical Silence

Sometime in antiquity there lived a tribe in a little island along the ocean where the warm waters met the cold currents. What was unique about the inhabitants of this island was the fact that they communicated in silence. They never felt the need to speak to each other – they could silently understand one another’s thoughts and feelings. They sang beautiful songs though, and when they did, the dolphins in the waters nearby would approach the shores to listen to the melodious sounds.island 2The only sounds the islanders would listen to was that of the birds and the animals, the wind and the waves, with whom they communicated the same way they did with each other.  When they went fishing they would hold hands and pray in silence to the God who had no name. They never lived in fear, for they knew they were always safe. Though they had no concept of time, the islanders were aware that the elders in their tribe had lived for a very long time. Everything was right in their mind for they lived in a state of perfection and timelessness, completely isolated from the waters that surrounded their home.

This is how they lived till one day a ship strayed into the waters. You would wonder if their silent culture finally changed ? The answer is, no. So different was their existence that as soon as a boat from the ship touch the shores of the island, all the inhabitants became a part of the five elements and their physical bodies turned into stone. The visitors were astounded to find a remote island full of beautiful stone statues. Nobody could understand the mystery of who had created the intricately carved figurines. The beauty of the idols entranced them so much that they started calling it the Island of the Gods. 

Through the ages, ancient mariners from different parts of the world who chanced upon the island started replicating the likeness of the statues in their home countries, which in time were worshipped as deities there.

As time went by, the civilized world forgot about the Island of the Gods. Life continued to flourish here though – in its abundant flora and fauna – from wild flowers to exquisite butterflies, from endemic plants to avian life. And yes, the inhabitants also lived as a part of the elements, for they had found communion in the mind of God – formless, timeless and immeasurable.


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