The True Mirror

Sanofa was a being of the magical realm – wispy creations of God, sometimes seen, but mostly invisible to human eyes even though they are all around – hidden among the leaves, mosses, feathers and clouds. Sanofa was the odd one, she never really cared how she looked, so busy was she flitting around doing things that made her feel useful. Straightening the petal of a blooming flower, pushing a vine to get sunlight for growth, helping a bee extract the honey it needed. There was never enough time for her to prune and preen. In the magical realm of beautiful creatures, she was known as the Dishevelled One.

Sometimes, she would look into the mirror and wonder. She loved herself but did not like what she saw on the other side. One day after cleaning up a pond of a diseased algae which would have killed the lotus flowers, she stood before the mirror again to see how she appeared. Her heart weighed down heavy as she realised she would never belong. Suddenly she saw the apparition of a beautiful goddess like being emerging from herself and gliding in front of her. The apparition then disappeared into the mirror, which showed nothing different. After a while the apparition came out from the mirror and merged into Sanofa again.


She was perplexed – who was this enchanting being who resided in her? What did this goddess want to communicate? Too many questions plagued Sanofa’s mind as she made her way to the Wise One. The Wise One lived on a cotton tree and looked like a ball of cotton herself – wizened, old and white. But she knew the secrets of all realms and was revered by all.

Hearing Sanofa’s account of the mysterious goddess, the Wise One asked her to seek the answer from her own heart. A bit sceptical, but not having the courage to disobey the Wise One, she did as told. As Sanofa placed her hand on her heart, closed her eyes, and quietened her restless mind, she could feel the goddess speak. The beauty of the moment overwhelmed her so much that she started crying. She opened her eyes to look with gratitude at the Wise One, who was smiling knowingly. For Sanofa had realised that what she had seen was no goddess, it was her own heart which had shown her its beautiful image. And, she knew now that the true mirror was within one’s own self, not a piece of glass outside.

20 thoughts on “The True Mirror

  1. Joy Melody Woods

    i love love creative writing.
    This was really interesting, and for some reason i relate about not liking what i see in the mirror even thought I love myself.
    thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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