One Autumn Afternoon …

She was a queen and a spiritual master, a protector of nature and a warrior. Her followers did her bidding to protect the treasures of the earth. One autumn afternoon, a long time ago, she and her four horsemen surveyed from the fringe of the forest, the castle where a priceless crystal had been kept. It was accidentally found by the son of the castle owner. They had to retrieve it and give it back to the Mother Earth, to whom it rightfully belonged. Dressed in white, wearing an elongated red head gear (symbolic of a queen), she was astride her white horse. At that moment, she made the intention – before the last rays of the sun disappeared, in exactly the same natural setting of the surrounding trees, she would return successfully, completing the rescue mission.


As she willed this to happen, little did she know then, that she would be trapped by her own power. You see, the queen was not aware that the crystal had already been taken elsewhere, and the vault was empty. Her mission could not be completed. However, as she had willed it in her mind, year after year on an evening every autumn, when the leaves were a particular shade of brown, at the fringe of the forest, she had to return with her horsemen to complete a task that was never to be. The power of her wish, became her curse. She remained trapped in it, even after she left her mortal form. Β The castle had by this time become dilapidated. The nearby villagers said the woods were haunted, as occasionally some people had seen strange horsemen.

One day, a lone trekker fell down a shaft near the ruins of the castle. He stayed in the dark hole for three nights and had given up all hopes of rescue, when suddenly he saw a golden pink light and multitude of white butterflies swirling around him. Before he could comprehend what was happening, he found himself outside the hole, near the forest.

The rescue mission was complete, and she was free at last. After a long wait of 158 years.

21 thoughts on “One Autumn Afternoon …

  1. Polkadotblonde

    I loved this! Are you other posts related to this short story or are they all different? I followed you so I can read more. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. Wow, I think I read one of your previous stories before. I like your style but I think you should write it a bit longer and post it for 5 consecutive days to gain return readers which will boost your traffic. Nice one, keep going!

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  3. kimberlymunoz

    What a great story. The details gave way to great imagery in my mind! I could see it! We don’t get big season changes here so I am going to remember this when the Fall comes along.

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