Colour My World

Kahuna worked extremely hard during the day, carrying logs on his back, and sometimes providing entertainment to the visitors who came for forest safari. At night, when he rested, he entered into a different universe, which was beautiful and magical. Here there was no darkness, the whole atmosphere was bathed in a golden pink light of the twilight that glowed softly. He looked amazing too – a grey elephant with a pink trunk. People thought elephants were colour blind, if only they knew.

One of the things that Kahuna liked most in this world were his frequent companions – the wispy feathered beings that hovered around him and the other elephants. Then of course, there was Raja, the greatest of them all, the Lord of the magical forest. Resplendent in a golden head gear, he was a mystical being in the appearance of an animal. Human eyes could not see him, but he ruled the other creatures. In the world of animals there is always a balance, and Raja ensured that it remained that way.


Sometimes when the flighty little beings entered their world, Raja would lose his patience. You see, they were neither human beings nor animals, and followed the laws of none. They also liked playing tricks. Usually they did something small like tying up the tail of a monkey, but once they took away a baby elephant whom they found adorable, to their own realm. Raja was furious and cast a net on them which they could not break.

The beings screamed in the net, but Raja wanted them to communicate to their realm to bring back the baby elephant. All this chaos and negativity changed the energy of Kahuna’s beautiful world, the golden pink light started turning dark. Many days passed, after which they found the baby elephant strolling into the forest. He had been returned. Raja released the beings, warning them to never come back.

The damage however had been done. Kahuna, who used to escape into the enchanted world, was devastated – the colour blind elephant of the world where human beings exist, saw that the same lack of colour had come to remain in his magical world too.



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