Soul Tales: Magical Fables

My very first ebook in the Soul Tales series, Magical Fables, is now published. 

A collection of short tales – the story of an unusual saint in a desert fortress … the lost legend of a silent tribe … an encounter with a forest deity  … a strange haunting at a seaside heritage homestay … the Blue God as a playmate in a sacred grove … magical sightings that save the life of a Mughal prince … a talisman powered by a mother’s love … the tale of a mysterious child from a pilgrim township … the unexplained appearance of a woman mystic under the Peepal tree … finding what the heart truly seeks in the magical realm of the twilight, and other stories.

You can find it at Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles (Nook), Kobo, Scribd, Thalia, Playster,, !ndigo, Angus & Robertson, Mondarori Store.
Universal Link to stores and digital libraries:

It is also  available at Kobo India. Link:

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