A Lesson From Kali

We think we own the earth … this is mankind’s greatest folly. We often forget that we share this land, the seas and oceans with millions of other species for whom this earth is as much their home as ours. This mistake of ours is not just born of ignorance, but arrogance.

As millions of people across the world are caged in their own homes, if the animal world had the ability to understand, I wonder how they would feel. We have after all caged them for thousands of years, restricted their movements and destroyed their habitats.


Our ancient scriptures say that human birth is very rare, after 84 lakh (8.4 million) cycles of births and deaths through various life forms, we evolve and get this human body. We are spiritual beings, gifted with a human form.

God puts a piece of his own heart into each one of us as we are born in his image. While there is so much beauty, such great capacity to experience and share love in this human heart … but our sense of superiority never goes.

It is to destroy this arrogance comes Kali. For she is the supreme slayer of the ego. And in this case, the global pandemic under which the world is reeling today, which has brought down a helpless mankind to its knees, resonates with the transformative energy of Kali.

Kali is the ferocious goddess of change … whether it is in our personal life or for the humankind at large. She steps in only after she realizes that we are not about to bring about the transformation ourselves. The tumultuous times we pass through while she shorns us of everything false, destroys every pretence, drags us through the torturous fire of change … so that the only thing that comes forth is a simple, humble heart that is receptive to a new awakening.

And new awakening there will be, for there is always a balance in Nature, not just from a physical perspective, but energetically as well. Whether we like it or not, Mother Nature will claim her suzerainty.

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