Awaiting A Miracle

The sun had just set a little while ago and darkness had descended. The place was in the outskirts of the village so a few sheep could still be found lazing on the ground, yet to return home and join the flock who had already been herded back to the village. They were the stragglers, the obstinate ones who never liked to keep pace with the rest.

Joining them that night were a group of hares, curious to find the sheep at the place which was generally theirs every night, to play, prance, run around and sleep. They liked this little stretch and had their warren here, near the hill, at a little distance from the flowing waters of the river.

Then suddenly a golden light seemed to cover the ground. The animals whose body and mind were so tuned in to the elements of nature, were startled and looked up to see the source. Shimmering in a golden light she was standing in a hollow at the side of the hill.As the soft golden glow covered them, it lulled them into peaceful slumber. Just like a mother’s love and caress lulls her child into deep sleep.

She watched them for a very long time, smiling at the beautiful, innocent creatures of God, whose hearts reflected the purity of the Maker.

After that night she appeared many more times, at the exact spot. By now all big and small creatures in the surrounding area had become aware of her special presence.  Her blessings and her love was as much for them as the human beings who revered her.

It was a few days later that she appeared to a young shepherdess, and in time the hallowed ground became a place of pilgrimage drawing seekers from faraway places. They came for love, for solace, for miracles and to connect with her divine energy.

She herself awaits for mankind to understand that the greatest miracle is within their own heart as children of God, and as healers and protectors of the earth and all its sacred life forms.

Note: This little post is dedicated to all those animals, plants and unique life forms who have died or suffered, due to mankind’s greed and folly.


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