Eternal Play

The priest closed the doors that led to the inner sanctum of the temple, and went home. The silence of the night was only disturbed by the distant barking of street dogs.

The temple, one of the most famous in southern India, was known for its musical pillars. People from all over the world have come here through the ages to gaze in awe at the remarkable architectural feat of the ancient craftsmen who had created such a wonder – both for its beautiful sculptures and the musical notes the pillars produced.

radha-krishna-2521206_1280 (1).jpg

What the thousands of worshippers who thronged here did not know was that often at night, the very premises became a playground for divine beings – it was among the favourite haunts of the Lord of Plays, Krishna, his consort Radha, and the many Gopis and Gopikas. From the sacred groves to the banks of Yamuna river, from mountainous valleys to his many temples, when the world slept, the celestial Gandharvas would tune in with the elements to create music for Krishna’s dance of divine love (Rasleela).

Beyond human perception – the cosmic play goes on endlessly. Sometimes a fortunate few would pick up the energy and their hearts would sing with an unknown joy. They are unaware of course that their soul has reconnected with an energy which is always present in the core of their being – eternal joy, eternal play.

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