Guardian of the Forest

She picked up the hare before the flames could scorch its little body and took it to a safe ground. But how many could she rescue in the blazing fire that was raging through the forest and the land around it? She felt helpless.

She was the protector of the land here and the guardian of the denizens of the forest – all big and small creatures that inhabited the area. They knew her of course, and recognized her, even when she was not in her usual form. Possessing the ability to take any animal form she wanted – she mostly grazed around as a deer.

But sometimes she needed human hands, to pick up little animals and carry them to safety. In despair and helplessness she stood watching the fire – a woman with antlers on her head, clutching small animals in her arms.

The fire could not ravage her, for she was spirit. As she saw the flames engulf the animals, she could perceive their souls leaving their bodies – tiny dots of light weaving their way through the flames. They seemed to be telling her, not to grieve, for they did not really die.

As she saw their souls merge with the spirit realm, her anguish lessened, for she knew they had a better destiny awaiting them.

She knelt down on the scorched earth, raised her arms to the sky and prayed to the Maker of All, that the souls of her children should find a higher purpose when they are born again. To grow and evolve through a soul’s progression. For the first time in many days she felt a little peace, for she knew that this would happen.

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