Miracle of Life

I am a miracle. Born without any effort, I sustain the life of every being on earth. I touch the heart and soul of every man, plant and animal. I am life itself.

I am omniscient. Present everywhere, without me none can exist. Understand my greatness and my humility. Treat me with respect.


I am mantra. My rhythm takes a yogi to the state of consciousness. And gives a seeker, the vision of infinity. Every syllable born out of God’s word, across all religions, resonates with my being.

I am yoga. I give physical, mental and emotional well being. Delve into me deep every second to be blessed. You can only understand my magnificence in the depths, not the shallows.

I am the greatest teacher. The beginning of life on earth and also the end. You will know how ephemeral the world is the moment I cease to exist.

I AM BREATH. Be mindful of me always.

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