Hello and welcome to The Soul Energy. Your very own sacred and magical place for Energy Healing; Angel, Oracle & Tarot Card Readings; Akashic Records Readings and Soul Writing.

I live in India, a country that since time immemorial, has been the home of spiritual seekers. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be born in a land, where for thousands of years, our sages, saints and mystics have blessed us with a rich spiritual legacy, which is an integral part of our ethos.

For more than 25 years, I have been a student of an ancient spiritual path, with an exalted lineage of Great Masters. My quest to seek answers to 2 simple questions ” Who am I ?” and “Why was I born ?” set me on the path, and what an incredible and adventurous journey it has been, full of amazing synchronicities.

About 15 years ago I discovered Reiki, while I was going through one of the toughest phases in my life. The problems were a blessing in disguise, for had they not existed, I wouldn’t have gone searching for a solution, and found how this wonderful healing energy can transform lives.

It was after completing my Reiki Masters that the angels entered my life. Actually they were always there – for more than two decades I would wonder what were the flickering lights (like little stars), that I would see often (with open eyes), that made me feel so wonderful and comforted. But they let themselves known to me after 20 long years of hide and seek … when they felt the time was right.

Soon after, I started my blog, writing the Soul Tales – fables of miracles and magic. These little stories have brought readers from more than 60 countries to this website and have been much loved.

I did not choose the stories, they chose me. These magical tales have been an essential part of my spiritual growth and have touched the hearts of so many readers.

Most of my life however, I have done writing of another kind – working as a business journalist for leading publications in Mumbai.

I have been taking Reiki classes for several years now, and have recently introduced online Soul Writing sessions. These classes combine my learnings in the field of writing (media) since more than last 25 years, my experience as an Energy Healer for 15 years and other spiritual modalities (Angel Intuitive, Akashic Records, Oracle & Tarot).

Thank you for visiting my blog, and taking the time out to read about my journey. You are welcome to connect with me at : thesoulenergy@gmail.com

Love & Light,


Reiki Master Teacher
Angel Intuitive
Storyteller & Soul Writing Coach

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