Akashic Records Readings

The Sanskrit word for “ether” or “sky” is Akasha. Of all the five elements that defines our existence – earth, water, fire, air and ether – it is the last, that is ‘ether’, which is the realm of the spirit. It is the most important element of all. And within it, existing energetically are our thoughts, words, actions, inspirations, emotions and experiences through the many lifetimes. This is the Akashic Records. For those who are fascinated to know about their soul path journey, Akashic Records reading is a truly transformative experience.

How can Akashic Records be accessed ?

All the ancient cultures, including the Hindus, Egyptians, Tibetans, Mayans and others, have believed that every moment of the soul’s journey is recorded.

The records are always available for us to access and we do access them without being aware, most of the time. Our creativity, wonderful ideas and sudden inspirations, sense of deja vu, intuitive insights, come from the Akashic Realm, which is around us and a part of us.

Akashic Records reading involves accessing the records with a focused intention to find an answer, seek a solution and heal.

This is a one-on-one session (phone or Zoom) where you will be guided to access the records on your own, try and find out the root cause of the issue bothering you and find a solution. You can access past records and even foresee potential future ones.

How can reading the Akashic Records bring about healing ?

Rewriting the records of the past (whether in this life or previous) is a powerful means of healing the root cause of many physical, mental, emotional and energetic problems. The future records can also be accessed and written for the outcomes to be for your highest good.

What are some of the benefits of Akashic Records reading ?

– Understand your soul’s journey
– Get rid of limiting beliefs about yourself
– Deepen your spiritual insights
– Powerful manifestation tool
– Understand soul contracts with others
– Improve relationships
– Empowerment about money matters

Do I need to prepare myself before the reading ?

It is always better to be clear about the particular aspect / issue you want to focus upon before the reading. For example, deep rooted insecurity, feeling of abandonment, a traumatic incident, money travails, troubled relationship with a person. Or simply, to know what your soul’s journey is all about. The focus will make the reading clearer and you can get your answers quicker.

To understand why Akashic Records readings are so transformative, please read this article : https://thesoulenergy.com/why-akashic-records-readings-are-so-transformative/


Duration of session : 60 minutes

Please write to :

Phone: +91 8779205309 (WhatsApp messages only)

Energy Exchange:

For Single Session : US$ 65
Multiple Sessions : US$ 55
Payment link : http://paypal.me/SudiptaChakraborti

Single Session: INR 3500
Multiple Sessions : INR 2800
GPay, Paytm, bank transfer.

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