Energy Healing

Everything in this known and unknown universe is energy. As energy beings we respond naturally to healing modalities that are directed towards balancing the vital energy centres in our bodies – the chakras. Energy healing sessions work at a subtle level to bring about mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, and are integral for our holistic health.I practice two forms of Energy Healing – Reiki and Angelic Healing.

ReikiWhat is Reiki and how does it help ?

Derived from two words “Rei” (spiritual) and “Ki” (vital energy), Reiki is a natural system of energy healing which involves a practitioner being the conduit for passing the energy through her/his hands to the recipient. Reiki is not a substitute for medicines, but helps in balancing the energy centres in the body resulting in pain relief, relaxation, reduction of stress. It aids the body to heal on its own.

How is Reiki healing done ?
Reiki healing is done in two ways – in-person or through Distant Reiki. Any Reiki practitioner who is at least Level II certified can give Distant Healing. Both ways are equally effective. For Distant Reiki the practitioner should be given the full name and address (for instance hospital name or area / street name of the recipient). Please read my article Reiki: How Distant Healing Works, for more details.

Which are the key conditions where Reiki can truly make a difference ?
Sleep disorders
Mental trauma
Physical pain
Cancer patient’s journey
Various health issues

Are there any side effects ?
There are no side effects of Reiki. As Reiki results in toxins being released from the body, it has been observed that a few people might sometimes feel a bit nauseous or slight discomfort for a short time. It is best for them to drink a lot of water and flush out the toxins. You may also take a walk in nature, after the treatment.

How effective is Animal Reiki ?
Reiki healing works wonders for our pet friends who are unable to communicate the exact nature of the pain or physical problem they are suffering from. The fact that Reiki is an intelligent energy which is self guided, is an excellent way to bring pain relief and reduce stress among animals and birds. It is a compassionate way of healing which further opens our heart to all of God’s creatures. 

Further readings:

For Reiki sessions please write to :

Phone: +91 8779205309 (WhatsApp message only)

Energy Exchange:

For Single Session : US$ 40 (45 minutes)

Multiple Sessions : US$ 25 (30 minutes)
Payment link : PayPal.Me/SudiptaChakraborti.

India rates : INR 1100 (45 minutes)
GPay, Paytm, bank transfer.

Animal Reiki : Free (first session)

Angelic HealingWhat is Angelic Healing ?
Angelic Healing is a form of energy healing which includes messages from God’s angels and our guardian angels. Angels are non-denominational divine beings. They are here to help mankind rise to a higher vibration and help us on our soul path. They are always there with humanity to guide, protect and inspire us. Vibrationally they are closer to us, so it is easy for us to communicate with them, you just need to look for the signs and ask for their help.

Who are the guardian angels, and how can they help us during the session ?
Guardian angels are divine energies assigned by God to always be with us from the time of our birth, through our lifetime. We are never alone. This spiritual team is always by our side and it’s wonderful to form a connection with them and understand what they want us to know. They love us unconditionally, and the guardian angel messages are what we need to know for our wellbeing at that moment of time.

How are you involving the powerful energies of the archangels during the healing process ?
I work with the beautiful energies of the 16 archangels – Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel, Metatron, Raguel, Chamuel, Raziel, Azrael, Jophiel, Haniel, Zadkiel, Jeremiel, Nathaniel, Sandalphon, Uriel. The session includes guidance and messages from them for your highest good.

Are Angelic Healing sessions safe ?
Yes. I only work with the safe and powerful energies of these archangels. I am not into mediumship and the messages you receive are from the purest source of divine guidance.

Along with the messages and readings what else does the Angelic Healing session include ?
I include 15-20 minutes of Angelic Reiki (distant healing) in the session, for cleansing and balancing your chakras with the help of these wonderful archangels. Also included is cord-cutting, to remove any unwanted energy cords that are binding you.Mode of sending messages : Zoom, phone, audio recording, WhatsApp call, email.

For Angel Therapy sessions please write to :

Phone: +91 8779205309 (WhatsApp message only)

Energy Exchange:

International : US$ 65 (60 – 75 minutes)
Payment link : PayPal.Me/SudiptaChakraborti.

India rates : INR 3300 (60 – 75 minutes)
GPay, Paytm, bank transfer.

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