Soul Writing

Soul Writing classes combine my learnings in the field of writing (media) since more than last 25 years, my experience as an Energy Healer for 15 years and other spiritual modalities (Angel Intuitive, Akashic Records, Oracle & Tarot). And of course, as a Mystical Storyteller for the last many years.

Writing has the power to connect our mind and heart, to go into the very depths of the soul and explore thoughts, emotions, those aspects that we have never touched before.

The best thing is you do not have to write for an audience, you write for yourself. Then, it is your choice if you want to share it with the world.

There are countless emotions, thoughts, ideas and stories that are hiding in the depths of our being. Most of the time, we are not aware of them, unless we have a focused objective to bring them out.

When we do, it is an outpouring. And we are able to connect with our true self – the beautiful, the magical and the sacred. It changes us and changes our world.

If you are keen to go on a magical journey of fascinating discoveries, do write to me for a special one-on-one session on soul writing.

How it will help you :

* Soul writing is cathartic and will purge many unwanted emotions from your heart

* Sharpens your intutive abilities

* Is a powerful healing process

* Helps you embrace your vulnerabilities, which ultimately gives you immense strength

* Whether you are journaling, jotting down random thoughts, trying your hand at poetry or a story, it is a creative initiative that connects to the core of your being, and gives you great joy

* Soul writing will help you have conversations with your Higher Self

* Your hidden talents come to the fore

* You can start endeavours like blogging, writing a book, penning down scripts, podcasting, become a social media influencer, … it is an endless list.

Classes include guided meditations, personal coaching on writing techniques to understand your soul calling, guidance on enhancing your intuition and listening to it, follow-up email and WhatsApp support.

Sessions done on phone / WhatsApp call / Zoom.

Three sessions are recommended, discounts available for multiple sessions.

Duration of single session : 75 minutes

Please write to :

Phone: +91 8779205309 (WhatsApp messages only)

Energy Exchange :
International : US$ 45
Payment link : PayPal.Me/SudiptaChakraborti

India : INR 2500
GPay, Paytm, bank transfer.

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