Oracle & Tarot readings

Oracle and Tarot cards are wonderful tools of guidance – from any spiritual powers you believe in and / or your Higher Self. Card reading is a sacred ritual which makes the conversation happen. The cards show to you how things exist in the energetic potential and give a peek into the future. However, please remember, the future is in your hands, what you make of it, and can be changed. And, there is always hope.

Tarot cards have had a much longer history than Oracle cards, though the oracles of yore who divined looking at various aspects of nature (e.g. flight of birds, stars visible in the sky) have existed since time immemorial.

The Tarot deck includes 78 cards, while the number is cards in an Oracle deck can be any number – from 15 to 56. Tarot cards comprise Major and Minor Arcana (life changing aspects and everyday incidents of life) and four suits. The Oracle decks have no such differentiation.

Is there a difference between the messages of Tarot and Oracle decks ?

Tarot messages are very direct. These cards do not beat around the bush and will give you an honest answer, which can sometimes be brutal if you are not ready to hear it. Oracle cards are softer when it comes to delivering messages. Mind you, they are extremely accurate, however the guidance is gentler. If you are going through some tough situations in life, it is easier to accept messages that are given gently. Oracle cards also include Angel card readings.

How can the reading help me ?

Tarot and Oracle card readings can help you in many ways, particularly for guidance in various aspects of life. Some of the common areas are –
* Career and Life Purpose
* Health
* Relationships
* Guidance regarding a particular area of concern in life
* Past Life Reading
* General readings

How is the reading conducted ?

Readings done in person, telephonic, email (for India); Whatsapp call, email (for outside India). Alternately audio clips of individual readings can be sent. Readings done on Zoom, on special request.

Duration of reading : 60 minutes

Please write to :

Phone: +91 8779205309 (WhatsApp messages only)

Energy Exchange :
International : US$ 55
Payment link : PayPal.Me/SudiptaChakraborti

India : INR 3000
Please contact for GPay, Paytm, bank transfer details.

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