Mother of Oceans

She emerged from the ocean and walked up the path that she had always taken. The playful penguins and sea lions lazing on the shore were watching her. They knew that she was coming, they always knew, and were excited by the energy she brought to the barren sea shore. A baby penguin nudged her, she smiled and picked it up.

Her almost invisible feet glided through the pebbles as she went to sit on her favourite perch. A man would call it an outcrop made of sand, pebbles and salt, but in truth it was her throne. Beneath the surface that no mortal can ever see was a gigantic glistening shell. She had herself brought it from her womb many eons ago, from one of the deepest crevices where its pearl still lies.


She sat and surveyed her kingdom around her, and also beyond to everything that the waters of the world contained – from the birth of a tiny fish to every coral that died today; from a shipwreck a thousand years ago to man’s plundering of her wealth. She saw and wondered what to do – should she cover the remaining earth once again and bring everything into her fold ? Or, should she retreat and keep her treasures and her children of the waters safe in a haven that no man can ever reach ?

The Mother of all Oceans and seas has been as patient as Mother Earth, two sisters but one soul. Each waiting forever for the return to the original, though they know what is done can never be undone.

Existing only to give, greater and deeper than her form is her infinite love, infinite patience and infinite forbearance. She is both mother and daughter, the young and the old, forever renewing herself.

She walked back to the shore, with a sad smile on her lips. As a tear dropped from her eyes, she merged with it to become the ocean again.

The sea lions and penguins on the shore went quiet for a while, while all life forms in the oceans knew she was back home as they felt her spirit energizing them again.

29 Comments on “Mother of Oceans

  1. What a beautiful piece. Reminded me of the power of mother earth. It’s the perfect inspiration I needed for some self care this weekend.

  2. This is such a lovely piece to read. I have to admit the ocean fascinates me with all the hidden secrets it has within.

  3. The way you described it, totally woke up my imagination. Allwing to see a clear picture of her throne abd kingdom itself.

  4. This was absolutely lovely and I was really able to visualize the setting from your description. I’ve always been fascinated with marine life.

  5. It is absolutely a lovely read! I loved the way you described the whole story!!

  6. A very beautifully told story. I love how the Mother of Oceans and Mother Earth work together. It’s just such a beautiful image.

  7. Wow! It feels like what your written is happening right in front of my eyes! I enjoyed your description very much.

  8. Totally able to get the visual while reading. You have a great handle on the written language.

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