Soul Memory

My name is Angel Trumpet, but they like to call me Angel Tears. Not tears of pain or anguish but of love and happiness – a joy that comes from the soul, from a wisdom learnt through many lifetimes in different forms.

Angel tearIn every life my appearance was different and so was my colour; my birth as a flower or a shrub, and my shedding of what they call decay or death. But what I learnt in each life – as a massive oak tree, an ornamental green ash, an exotic Jasmine or a sensitive touch-me-not, has remained etched in my soul memory. Each birth has been a new beginning, a new opportunity to experience life in its fullness – through pleasure or pain, pampered by the warmth of the sunlight or torn apart by a wintry gale.

Today is my last day in this beautiful form. I know I will be born again somewhere tomorrow, but I do not know whether I would be enchanting or plain, colourful or pale. What I do know is that I will be born wiser. The wisdom of each life will reveal itself in unimaginable ways. With each birth, I learn and evolve.

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