Quiet Flows the Invisible River …

They were three sisters – the Pure One, the Wise One and the Beauteous One. For thousands of years, they have lived in their essence of playfulness. Each representing a river, flowing never too far from each other. Their play determined the destinies of those whose lives were connected to the land from where they flowed. While playing together, if the Pure One swung too fast on a swing, her river overflowed its banks. When the Beauteous One preened herself, man was mesmerised by the breathtaking views of her watery form, inspiring immortal tales of love from the lands she touched.

The Wise One was the quietest of them all, her essence was to know. For unlike her sisters, she was much more than a river. Her spirit permeated everything that flowed – from a thoughtful insight to every song sung and each written word.

She would contemplate so much that in time her physical form ceased to be. In India, they say she is the invisible river, who flows beneath her sisters, Ganga (the Pure One) and Yamuna (the Beauteous One), and millions congregate at the sacred confluence of the three to wash away sins of many lifetimes. Then there are others who believe she is a river in the sky, called the Milky Way.

A river that cannot be seen, is manifested as the womb of creativity – a poet’s inspiration, an author’s words, an orator’s skill, a musician’s talent – few among the many forms of Sarasvati, the Goddess of Speech, Wisdom and Learning.

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  1. Well narrated story about the invisible River and goddess of learning -Maa Saraswati.

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