Reiki to Mother Earth : The Magical Connect

One of the most beautiful aspects of Reiki is that a practitioner can direct this healing energy towards anything and anyone. And there is no one in this world who needs healing more than Mother Earth herself.

You might call her by any name, but nature which is a manifestation of the divine feminine, has consciousness. She has a soul, and you can connect with her spirit in unimaginable ways when you send her healing.

It is common for Reiki practitioners and energy healers to give healing to the earth. I have been also doing so, many times a week for the last several years, and there is one thing that I had understood quickly in the initial few months. What you give, she returns multiple times and more, in her magical ways.

It is often a deep emotional experience for me when I think of the pain she has gone through, and is suffering from, every moment. Mother Earth has no respite from her injuries and wounds, which just keep getting worse and larger. From the destruction of the Amazon rainforests to the Australian bush fires to our polluted rivers and seas … it is an endless list … then what difference will some minutes of healing make, I would often wonder.

Then one day she made me understand that just as each one of us is a soul born in a body, and the soul is always in perfect health no matter what the body is going through. Similarly, the spirit of Mother Earth is untouched by the tortures her physical form has to endure.

As one starts giving healing to Mother Earth, one starts forming a deep spiritual bond with her. You also start forming a greater bond with all her creations – animals and plants, rivers and mountains …. And truly start experiencing the oneness of all life.

Then, she starts sharing her secrets with you. And what she reveals and makes you understand goes beyond the realm of anything you might have seen or experienced, or ever imagined.

You had set out to heal her, and she makes your life magical. That is Mother Earth’s blessing and special gift for you.

She is the Great Mother of all – from a tiny seed to every plant, animal and human being, and loves everything and everyone equally. But shares her secrets, with only a few.

(The writer is a Reiki Master-Teacher, Akashic Records reader, Angel Intuitive, Oracle Card Reader, Spiritual Blogger and Storyteller. Email: or

24 Comments on “Reiki to Mother Earth : The Magical Connect

  1. Each words of yours touched my soul. Mother earth words reached to me in such spiritual manner. Thank you sudipta for sharing your so deepfull thought.

  2. Wow. Amazing entry. This healing to Mother Earth, inspiring especially during this time on what humans do to the earth.

  3. Beautifully written. Mother Nature gives us so much, we should also give her something in return.

  4. Interesting to read Sudiptas view on Reiki and healing the earth. I do Reiki myself but tend to focus on people, animals and plants.

  5. Well this is definitely an interesting take on spiritualism. My Views don’t necessarily align with yours but the article was written beautifully.

  6. very interesting tradition and understanding of our bond with mother nature. I highly value this and want to research Reiki more now

  7. It sounds very amazing like you really did an amazing work…so perfectly written and shared your thoughts..this blog post is indeed very deep and meaningful…loved the words..glad you shared it with us..great work though…

  8. Thankfully, God who created the earth is able to fully heal and restore the earth in the near future when he is ready to do so himself.

  9. I have heard amazing things about Reiki. I find it fascinating and really love learning more about it.

  10. Practicing Reiki or not, we should all contribute to environment preservation. Every little thing we do, like recycling or conserving energy helps.

  11. I really need to get into Reiki! I’ve been meaning to for a while but then lockdown happened and ruined my plans. But I’ve been told that once I check it out and get into it, it will hold the answers to so much for me.

  12. I did not know that Reiki practioners give back to Mother Earth. Thank you for the explanation! 👓🍕🚢

  13. I’ve long been interested in the connection of reiki to the earth. I need to explore this more.

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