Heartfelt Gratitude

In October 2017, I had started The Soul Energy. At that time I was not sure what direction this blog would take, wasn’t even sure if people would be interested in reading the mystical stories I was posting. I was guided to only write for myself, never change a word or an idea keeping the “market” in mind. I followed that and have been delighted with the wonderful response from so many readers from across the world.

Anything new brings a fresh breath of life, so a few days ago I gave a new look to the website. Please do check out the mystical stories in Soul Tales section (https://thesoulenergy.com/category/soul-tales/), the Sacred Journeys, Soul Poems, Energy Healing articles and more.

Also featuring the services :
Akashic Records Readings (know your soul path journey) : https://thesoulenergy.com/akashic-records/

Energy Healing (Reiki & Angel Therapy) : https://thesoulenergy.com/reiki-healing/

Oracle & Tarot (conversations with your Higher Self) : https://thesoulenergy.com/angel-oracle-tarot-cards-reading/

Introducing online Energy Healing classes and Soul Writing lessons.

My heartfelt thank you to readers from more than 60 countries who have given so much love to the little stories and articles I have been posting over the last three years. Truly grateful for your support and encouragement.

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