The Blue God’s Love

Just released my little book of Krishna stories, ‘The Blue God’s Love’ in the Soul Tales Series.
Krishna’s name is synonymous with eternal love. A love that sets our hearts afire, making us delirious with the joy of belonging and the pain of separation. It is this intense yearning that is a soul’s divine journey, in response to the call of the Great Beloved.

The essence of this love is playful. It is an endless play and we are his playmates, within this body and thereafter. Krishna, the Blue God, plays his flute and we, his playmates, dance around him, sometimes unable to understand his music, our steps often faltering, but then we catch a glimpse of him and start again. This is the divine dance that frees every soul to explore eternal life, eternal love.

The Blue God’s Love is a collection of mystical tales, exploring every aspect of love that uplifts, that sets us free and makes our hearts dance in joyous abandon.

Available worldwide across all Amazon platforms.

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9 Comments on “The Blue God’s Love

  1. I really do like the sound of mystical tales. That sounds like it would be a great read.

  2. congrats with a book. I am sure it’s wonderful and nice to read. will add it to my list

  3. Congrats on releasing your new book. A book about love, tales and music can be such a great subject for anyone to read. All the best with your book successes.

  4. wow! this is beautiful. I would definitely love to read it. Blue God sounds magical and when it comes to love, God has always taken the lead.

  5. Great book title… ‘The Blue God’s Love’! It’s a unique and intriguing title that catches the eyes. Great book cover too!

  6. Good luck with your book. Here in the UK, I used to go to a book club and can’t wait to re-join once restrictions lift.

  7. Good luck with your book. I liked the title of the book. Would like to read

  8. Congratulations on your book! This is an interesting read. Such a beautiful cover as well. Will check this out on Amazon.

  9. Congratulations on your book. The tales sound inspiring and this book would be a great resource for positive living.

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