The Intruder

He looked from a distance at the house, glowing in the dark amidst the dark snow covered landscape. He had been wandering in the woods for a while, when the soft light from the cottage and the laughter of its residents drew his attention.

The cottage was in the outskirts of the village and at a short distance from other residences. He emerged from behind the trees and moved forward. He looked at the sky, at the moon. He did not want the moonlight to give him away.

He peeped through the window. Yes, they were all there, four children and seven adults. He knew that the old man and the woman lived here always. The two sons with their wives, and the daughter who lived in the nearby town, had all come to be with the old couple. The elder son had three children and the second son had a three-year-old daughter.

“What a beautiful child,” thought the intruder as he watched through the window the little girl, whose name was Dana, playing with a pink teddy.

The family had braved snow and an adverse weather to be together during the holidays. It was a family ritual, every year they were together this time of the year. The love and belonging they shared, the laughter and the music, he wished he could be a part of them.

The intruder knew what would happen if he suddenly appeared to them. How would they react? Shock, disbelief, fear … he was well aware of the range of reactions from them.

He stayed on the porch, watching them from the window. Contemplating what to do.

Suddenly he noticed the little girl. Clutching her pink teddy, she was looking at him now through the window.

She seemed perplexed, as she should be, smiled the intruder to himself. She kept staring at his silvery form.

Little Dana would never know whom she had seen one winter night through the window – an Angel of God, who in times like these wished he born a man, to experience love, laughter and belonging which only human beings can.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new book, ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

8 Comments on “The Intruder

  1. Oh my, this is heartwarming. Thought it was scary at first. haha Great story, keep it up. 🙂 Love how you use words.

  2. This is so beautiful. I love that there was such a positive twist at the end (I was starting to get really worried for the family and what this visitor had in mind).

  3. I love to read and this is really a good one. Thanks so much for sharing.

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