The Unusual Tale Of A Monk And A Dragon

This is the story of Dra the dragon, who lives inside a mountain that people think is a dormant volcano. It was not always like this, for centuries the villagers in the area would fear going anywhere near the mountain as it was an active volcano that would spurt fire and fume very often.

Nobody knew of course that Dra the dragon has been trapped inside the mountain since eons. A child of Mother Earth, he was born from the element of fire. It was his loneliness, his anger, the desperation to break free from the stone walls that was his prison and his home, that drove him to spit fire constantly.

Then one day, the arrival of an unusual visitor changed everything. On the path to a nearby monastery, a monk lost his way and landed up in the mouth of a cave in the mountain. As he stepped inside to rest for a few hours, he saw a pair of huge glowing red eyes observing him in the dark.

Dra had never seen a human in all these years. He was surprised to see the monk who looked like no other animal he had encountered before. And like he could communicate with the other animals, he could silently interact with the monk too.

From a crawling spider to a loitering panther, Dra had the ability to feel what a living creature felt. But what the monk felt jarred him to the core. It was totally in antitheses to anything he had experienced before – serenity, patience, self-worth, kindness to all creatures and love that encompassed the whole world.

“What kind of a creature is this ?,” wondered Dra as he started sharing with the monk the sad story of his lifelong painful existence.

“Is there something I can do for you my friend ?” asked the monk, desperately wanting to help the magnificent child of God before him, who had only experienced pain in his lifetime.

“I do not think you can do much for me. I am immortal so I am doomed to be here, in my prison, till eternity. However, if you can stay for sometime with me, it will bring me a little peace,” said Dra.

The monk agreed.

The days turned into months, and then years. The monk did not have the heart to leave Dra alone.

The villagers in the area observed that the volcano had become dormant. They knew that a holy man, a monk lived high up in a cave there, they thought maybe his spiritual powers had silenced the volcano. The monk wanted to be left alone, so they never troubled him or ventured near the cave.

After sometime, they saw a beautiful waterfall flow from a crevice in the mountain. They thought that was another miracle by the holy man.

In a way, it was.

As Dra could feel what the monk felt, he would often be awashed with spiritual ecstasy – the bliss of being one with the Spirit. Tears of ecstasy would emerge from Dra’s eyes, which flowed out from the crevice in the mountain as the waterfall.

The water converted the barren land into a verdant valley, with lush vegetation and species of exotic butterflies and birds.

About 21 years had passed. The monk was an old man now and nearing his death. But he was no longer sad that his friend would be alone. For Dra the dragon had found the greatest companion of all.

The monk passed away, Dra mourned the loss of his Master’s physical existence for sometime, but he knew they were never really separate.

The waterfall continued to flow, and the volcano never erupted again.

Dra the dragon was no longer a prisoner in the mountain, the whole cosmos was his home.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new book, ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

18 Comments on “The Unusual Tale Of A Monk And A Dragon

  1. Beautiful Story! Not everything is what it seems. I am glad that Dra is no longer alone. Even big scary looking empath dragons need love.

  2. beautiful …. simply amazing … deep soul stirring thoughts 🙂
    Guess Each of us has A Dra and the monk within us .. and the constant struggle to achieve that balance between them .
    Thankyou for a wonderful script . :).. say blessed .

  3. This is a beautiful story and a welcome reminder to all of us about the importance of finding spiritual peace. Whether you identify with a specific religion or a more generalized concept of spirituality, that peace can be found!

  4. Such a beautiful story. I like how the monk wasn’t scared of the dragon and they became friends right away 😍

  5. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. No matter how burdened or lonely our lives may feel from time to time, there is someone out there who will meet us where we are and be our true friend and these are the people who’ll have an impact in our lives.

  6. Beautiful story. Reminds me of the story of the Golden Buddha. Finding out that the greatest treasure is one that is hidden within.

  7. Great story. A good company helps us become better people, at the end this could be noticed by everyone who’s around us.

  8. What a wonderfully sad, beautiful and joyous story all at once. I love that it speaks of selfless love on the part of the monk, who gives so willingly of himself.

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