5 Astonishing Stories Of Nature Spirits

Tales of magical nature beings have always fascinated us. These nature spirits are as real as you and me – they are the elementals whose very existence is a part of Mother Nature herself.

Called by different names across different cultures – from fairies and gnomes in western countries, to the Yakshas and Yakshinis in India, their stories are all connected with trees, forests, water bodies, and other manifestations of nature, including as guardians of the animal world.

Sharing here the links to five astonishing stories of nature spirits :

The Forest Deity : https://thesoulenergy.com/the-forest-deity/

Garden of A Thousand Lotuses: A Fairy Tale : https://thesoulenergy.com/garden-of-a-thousand-lotuses-a-fairy-tale/

Guardian Of The Forest : https://thesoulenergy.com/guardian-of-the-forest/

The True Mirror : https://thesoulenergy.com/the-true-mirror/

Temple of Nature: https://thesoulenergy.com/a-temple-of-nature/

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