5 Simple Protection Tips To Counter Energy Vampires

You must have noticed sometimes that there are certain people in your life, who leave you feeling tired, drained and unhappy whenever you have an interaction with them. These people can be members of your family, a dear friend or someone in your office team. Any face-to-face or telephonic conversation with them makes you feel low and sapped of energy.

While “energy vampire” seems like a too strong and negative terminology, the fact of the matter is that these people do exist in our lives. We might love them and care for them, not realising how our constant interactions with them, drains us energetically. Consequently, it is important for us to identify who these people are in our circle and take adequate protection.

It is important for to understand that just because someone is an energy vampire, it is not necessary that the person is “evil” or “has a negative intention”, the truth is they are often unaware of what they are doing to you – subconsciously draining away your energy to fulfil their own needs. As spiritual beings, we have to believe in the inherent goodness of all hearts, otherwise our fear will further lower our vibrational levels.

You might become a victim of an energy vampire if the relationship is unequal in some ways. You are the constant giver, in terms of attention, love and time, while the other person does not reciprocate in the same way, equally. Then there are those people who constantly offload their problems on you, while you might not be always in a position to tangibly help them, just by listening to their never-ending travails you find yourself feeling low and depressed. You might love your close friend and sibling, but their problems are having a detrimental effect on you.

If you are an empath or a highly sensitive individual then chances are you draw energy vampires like a magnet. They could be narcissist, clingy, needy and possessive – often people in your inner circle or family. Though you care for them, it is important for you to set the boundaries for your own wellbeing.

The important thing is to identify them. Check how you are feeling after every interaction, and accordingly take precautions to protect yourself.

Following are five easy tips:

  1. Imagine yourself surrounded by a silvery white ball of light whenever you are interacting (in person/telephone/online) with the person. The energetic impact of the conversation will be significantly reduced if you surround your aura in white light. It is an age-old simple technique followed by many energy healers and empaths. This ball of light is like a shield protecting your energy. You can also do this if you feel uncomfortable with a group of people or feel overwhelmed in crowded places.
  2. One wonderful way to constantly keep your energy uplifted and ward off the tenacious attacks (even unwitting ones) of energy vampires, is to take the refuge of a mantra. Silently repeat the mantra in your mind during the conversation, and witness its protective powers. The mantra can be a phrase from a scripture that you believe in, or a saying that makes you feel uplifted. You can also repeat the name of a God or Goddess, an ascend master or an archangel or your Guru – any higher vibrational being you feel connected to. My favourite mantra is “Om Namah Shivaya” (I bow to the Shiva/God, who is my inner self) … and have witnessed its miraculous powers so many times.
  3. An effective and easy way to get rid of unwanted energy from your aura is to brush it off. Newbie Reiki practitioners are taught this in their first class, however, this is something that anyone can do. It also works wonderfully for empaths who easily soak in unwanted energy from people. Step outside your home and just brush your shoulders, arms and body, with your palms, have the intention that the unwanted energy is being sent to Mother Earth. This hardly takes a couple of minutes and you can do it every day. Please do not forget to thank Mother Earth for absorbing the negative energy.
  4. Salt water bath has been a time-tested way of uplifting one’s energy and getting rid of any dense matter in one’s aura as a result of constant contact with an energy vampire. Put some sea salt in the water and take bath with it. You will feel rejuvenated instantly. Please do ensure that the water drains out completely and there is no residue left.
  5. Archangel Michael is the go-to angel to cut unwanted etheric cords. Just call out to him and request this wonderful archangel to cut all unwanted cords from all directions of time, visualise his sword cutting these cords around you – front, back, left, right, top and bottom. You can also ask him to protect your aura by drawing with his sword the flaming blue light of protection around you. Alternatively, ask him to cocoon you in his blue cloak for protection. This has to be done every day if you are regularly in touch with an energy vampire. (You can read more details in my previous article on the need for cord cutting ‘How unwanted etheric cords are draining you energetically’).

It is important to understand that an energy vampire will not have an impact on you as your energetic vibrations rise higher. In all possibility, they might drop out from your life. The separation might be painful for you at that time, but it will be for your highest good.

Every soul has its own journey and its own karmic blueprint. We meet other souls on the way, learn our life lessons and move on. But our primary relationship is always with our own self, we should never forget this.

(Sudipta is an energy healer, Akashic Records practitioner and mystical storyteller. Her collection of short stories ‘Invoking Our Inner Goddess’, ‘Mystical Tales Of Sacred Earth’, ‘The Blue God’s Love’ and ‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow Of Life’ are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle.)

9 Comments on “5 Simple Protection Tips To Counter Energy Vampires

  1. I’ve learnt to discern when someone is toxic. When that is done, I try to avoid them like a plague. There’s no room for negativity here.

  2. Great tips. Toxic people are often inevitable and while you can limit your communication often you can not make it fully stop (for example if it’s you mother). Your tips should work too.

  3. Did you know that I also imagine something tangible like that (no. 1) because it helps me? Very cool to know.

  4. I hate toxic people and avoid them as much as possible. Going to try these out.

  5. Sometimes people can be having a bad day or they never experienced true love at home. All they know is trauma and that’s normal for them so the best way to respond is to be kind.

  6. Love the term “energy vampires” and yes, there are really people who really suck our energies. Thank you for sharing these tips on how we can protect ourselves. I agree with you with a salt water bath. It’s a great way to cleanse and re-energize.

  7. Thank you for sharing these tips. I am such a sponge for other peoples energy and I really feel it if that energy is negative. Generally I try to keep my distance from those people, but sometimes that’s not always possible so it’s a matter of staying grounded and focused so I don’t end up in a negative space myself.

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