How Unwanted Etheric Cords Are Draining You Energetically

We are all energy beings and it is important for each one of us to keep our energetic vibrations at a higher level. This not only clears the aura, uplifts the mind, makes the heart more centered, but also continuously draws more positive outcomes in our lives.

The Universe always reflects whatever we feel energetically, so if we have a clean, uplifted and positive energy, that is what the Universe keeps sending our way. Remember, the laws of the Universe are neutral, it is the choice we make in our lives, through free will, that determines our destiny.

There is one big impediment which comes in the way of keeping our energy clean and uplifting – the unwanted etheric cords.

The etheric cords are energy strands that connect you with a person, a place, or a situation. These cords are of two types – the positive cords are the bonds of love that make you feel uplifted, relationships of mutual respect, balance in give and take. For instance, these are the bonds you share with your parents, siblings, spouse, children and close friends. Also, your soul tribe and spiritual mates.

The other type of cords is that which makes you feel an overpowering feeling of loss, helplessness, resentment, anger, jealousy – all those aspects that pull you down energetically. Severing these cords does not mean you will cut off relationship with the person with whom you have or had a troubled relationship – but getting rid of the negative aspects that are draining you energetically, and bringing down your vibrational level.

We are every day forming etheric cords, many of which are unwanted, and drain the energy field constantly, impacting our mental, physical and emotional health. These unwanted etheric cords could have their origin in the following:

From past lives

Etheric cords continue to exist with people, significant places and vows made in past lives (for example, if you were a nun in a previous lifetime and had made a vow of chastity, this can continue to have an impact on your current married life). While neither the people or the decisions you made have any place in your present life, the effect remains. You can equate these cords with psychic cords, which continue to exist even after many lifetimes. They often appear as karmic patterns – repeating occurrences that refuse to go away no matter how much you try. These can sometimes manifest as physical ailments, unknown fears or a mind block.

The cords we are forming now

  • Everyone we interact with on a day-to-day basis, even if there is a slight emotion in the exchange, leads to formation of etheric cords. Anyone with who we have had a troubled relationship, for example, ex-boyfriend / girlfriend, former spouse, friends or colleagues with whom we have had a fallout – all those people who were once a part of our lives.
  • The givers: Those who are inherent givers have to be extremely careful, because an unbalanced relationship is the root cause of unwanted etheric cords. The people who have taken from you will continue to draw from you energetically at a subconscious level, unless they have returned your generosity in some way. If you are in a relationship with someone who is constantly needy, it can lead to dependency issues and an unhealthy energetic equation. So, while you open your heart and continue to give, always remember to cut the cords, if possible, every single day, because these cords keep growing back.
  • If you are an empath or a sensitive soul and get deeply affected by the news, whatever is happening in your locality, city, country or the world in general. These current times are extremely stressful for highly sensitive souls, who are finding themselves unable to protect their energy from all the gloom and doom surrounding them.

Cord cutting is an extremely effective solution to detach these unwanted etheric bonds. This can be done with Reiki and Angelic Healing or any other energy healing modality. If you are not into energy healing, you can do it yourself through your strong intent and visualization, followed by affirmations.

The cords can be cut one by one (if you are aware of the person or situation), followed by healing and sealing. It is important to note that no matter how much painful the relationship might have been, the cords have to be cut with love and forgiveness. Every relationship is a lesson learnt and important for our soul growth, so the severance has to be done with respect.

Cord cutting is done not just to heal the present but through all directions of time (past, present and future). The more unwanted cords we severe, the more free we can become.

For those who are new to this, please remember, it is not difficult to understand if you are bound by debilitating etheric cords – whether from a past life or present. If you notice a particular pattern in your life when it comes to situations or people, you will understand there is a karmic connect that is not doing you any good.

Energy healers can often perceive these cords while giving healing to someone. The guardian angels/spirit guides of the recipient show the same to the energy healer so that she/he can understand the root cause with clarity. This is also sometimes revealed while doing Oracle card readings.

It is necessary to understand that the cords of love are never severed. These are the cords of light which sustain us, giving us strength, on our soul path journey.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new book, ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

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  1. 100% this is what I beleive. Some people/situations are just energy vampires. I’ve cut myself off from a few individuals like this and been better for it! Highly recommend!

  2. very interesting post for me. I have never given it much thought before

  3. This is really a very informative post. I really can connect with it.

  4. This post is very insightful and interesting. This is the first time to read about etheric cords and would love to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing this. Will check your new book as well.

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