Deepening Our Spiritual Bond With Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Gaia, Bhoomi Devi – she is called by so many names in different cultures, but her essence is always the same – she is the Great Mother, and we are her children. Like trees, mountains, rivers, and every aspect of nature, we too are a part of her. We are of her.

‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, are stories from across the world, and span centuries.

1. The Gift Of Connectedness : The life purpose of a young woman in ancient India, possessing an unusual gift of connection with plants and trees.

2. The Hawthorn Love Tale : The supernatural love story of a druidess in the British Isles, about 1500 years ago.

3. The Manifestor: The journey of a monk who has a great secret to protect.

4. Wrath Of The Forest Goddess : The legend of a forest goddess, who roams the forests and valleys in anger. How can she be pacified ?

5. The Golden Veil : A young boy’s encounter with the mystical serpentine energy of Mother Earth in a Pacific island.

6. Priestesses Of The Earth Goddess: The mysterious sisterhood of earth healing priestesses in Central America.

7. A Sacred Legacy : The growing tribe of the earth warriors.

The collection of short stories is all about forming a deeper spiritual connection with Mother Earth. And in the process, discovering one’s “true self”.

This is the second ebook in the Soul Tales Series.

‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’ is available across all Amazon platforms worldwide and Kindle Unlimited. (Kindle app can be downloaded from Google Play Store). :


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