Energy Healing: The Path To Positivity

I was interviewed by the MysticMag recently, where I shared my energy healing journey, the various modalities I practice, and my views on how it is possible to maintain a positive energy and lead a fulfilling life.

This is the link to the interview on MysticMag website : Energy Healing: The Path to Positivity with Sudipta Dev

Could you share your journey into energy healing with us and what inspired you to pursue this professionally?
My journey started almost 16 years ago when I learnt Reiki, primarily for healing myself. I was going through an extremely tough phase, within a span of 3-4 months I had met with a road accident, had undergone a surgery, and then fell down and broke my shoulder. Physically I felt battered and was mentally tired by these continuing mishaps. I learnt Reiki 1 without having any understanding of what energy healing actually was, but within a week of taking the weekend workshop, all my pains and aches miraculously disappeared. It was as if I had to go through the troublesome time, to find my way to Reiki. This was just the beginning.

After I became a Reiki Master Teacher, I was spiritually guided to take up energy healing professionally. I have been a business journalist most of my life, working for leading publications in Mumbai. Of course, it took me some time to gather the courage to come out of my “spiritual closet” and share with people that this is my true calling. I was delighted by the positive response I received.

What healing modalities do you focus on?
I am a practitioner of traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Money Reiki. Being an Angel Intuitive, I mostly combine Angelic Healing with Reiki, if my clients are open to it. Merkaba Healing is another modality I have recently started practicing. This I do individually or combined with Reiki. Again, depending on the wishes of the recipient.

Karmic healing is an area of great interest to me and Akashic Records readings are a beautiful way of understanding and healing karmic issues. Then there is Mokshapattam reading, this is an enlightenment board used by sages and saints of India, thousands of years ago, to understand an individual soul’s journey.

I also take Soul Writing sessions, which is a wonderful healing technique for purging out deep rooted issues through writing. I have put together these sessions based my learnings in the field of writing (media) since more than last 25 years, my experience as an energy healer and other spiritual modalities, and as a mystical story writer.

You are also able to access Akashic Records. Could you tell us a bit more about this is and what kind of information is available to you when you open the Akashic Records? How can accessing Akashic Records heal?
The Akashic Records can give us all information that we need to know. The focus is on these three words “need to know”, if we seek answers for which we are not ready at this point of time, then it won’t be revealed to us. I have experienced that most people who approach for Akashic Records readings are facing karmic issues, debilitating patterns that are holding them down. I lead them to open their records, often they observe / experience something. Based on their experience and what I have been “shown”, the records are rewritten. This brings about an energetic shift and the process of healing starts.

The revelation comes from the divine and so does the resolution.

What are the more common aspects people approach you with and how can energy healing be beneficial?
The common issues where energy healing is beneficial are physical pain, chronic diseases, depression, sleep disorder, and cancer care. Reiki, Angelic Healing, Merkaba Healing, Chakra Clearing, Aura Cleansing and Cord Cutting are effective ways of helping people. I would like to stress here that an energy healer should never have the feeling of “doer-ship”, we are only the facilitators, the healing is done by the divine, our job is only to direct the energy.

Does it take a lot out of you mentally to do what you do and how do you conserve and protect your own energy when consistently healing and helping others?
When we heal others, we also heal ourself. So, energy healing for others can never be stressful. Yes, it takes time as there are no short-cut methods, but a healing session never drains me out. I work with the blessings and help of my spiritual team, as it is never a one person’s job. It is they who provide protection and the intuitive guidance for healing.

In your experience in working with people what would you say is the number one thing that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like?
It is the vagaries of the mind. If we make the mind our friend, almost all our problems would be resolved. Every thought that comes up is an energy we are investing in, if we try and find out the root cause of its origin, most often than not, there would be one answer – the ego. Once we start doing inner work, which is like making ourself go through a fiery furnace, gradually all that is unwanted starts dropping out. It is a huge, huge effort, and we need to be constantly alert, however success is possible. No energy healer or Akashic Records reader can help us unless we work every day to uplift our energy and raise our vibrations. This can only happen when we gradually let go of all that does not serve our highest good. As we evolve, our world also evolves. The best thing is we are never alone, each one of us have our own spiritual team, we just need to reach out and ask for their help. It always comes.

Lastly is there any advice that you would like to share for someone seeking to maintain a positive energy?
One wonderful way of keeping our energy positive every day is by recording positive and uplifting energetic impressions in our Akashic Records. We can do this every morning by segmenting the day and visualizing for each segment the dominant energy of gratitude. What we continue to record each moment goes a long way in defining our immediate and long-term future, and the energy of gratitude can bring about miraculous transformation in our lives. This is something easy to do and hardly takes a few minutes, every morning.

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