Freedom from old karmic vows that bind us energetically

You may have noticed that no matter how hard you try, there are certain situations that keep happening repeatedly in your life, for which you have no explanation. These could range from repeated instances of broken relationships, constantly being misunderstood, being cheated upon again and again, inability to get a promotion despite trying your best every time, constant lack of finances, etc.

Has it ever occurred to you that you might have self-sabotaged the desired flow of energy for happiness / financial success / achievement and abundance on account of a vow, oath or promise that you might have made consciously or subconsciously in this lifetime or in any one of your previous lifetimes?

This karmic vow / promise that you had made to yourself has left such a strong energetic impact on your Akashic Records (cosmic library) that you are not being able to free yourself from it.

Vows, promises & oaths

Conscious vows can sometimes be religious ones (vows of abstinence, chastity, poverty) taken by monks, priests or nuns. Or it could be a promise made to yourself at a subconscious level, e.g “My son gives me so much of grief, if I had no children, at least it would free me from the unhappiness.” Or, ” I have no desire for money or fame, I have dedicated my life to serving humanity.” Thoughts like these often have such strong emotions that even in the distant future new energy is not able to flow through a specific area of your life on account of the old dominant energy.

Your energy goes wherever is your strongest emotion, and if it is an energy of a lack, then it binds you till you consciously realise that you have to do something to break the bondage of stagnant energy in a particular area of life (relationship, career, finances, success, etc).

It is said that be careful what you wish for, for it may be granted. The only thing is that the timeline of our wish coming true might be much longer than what we had thought, and sometimes across lifetimes. It comes true, but by then we do not want it.

“I have never asked for this,” you say. But the truth is, you have sometimes in the past, only now you no longer wish for it.

Breaking free

The important question is: How do we free ourselves from vows or promises that no longer serve our highest good?

The best thing is, it is very much possible and not difficult too. There are different ways, and you can choose what suits you the best.

All of us have our spiritual team with us, our angels and guides, divine beings, Gods and Goddesses you believe in. It is possible to break through the bonds through all directions of time, with their help.

Archangel Michael is the favourite resort of most people wanting to get rid of past energetic impressions of old vows, oaths and promises.

If you believe in the mighty power of this wonderful archangel’s sword then simply request him to cut the unwanted etheric cords that are binding you to these vows, from all directions of time. Visualise his powerful sword cutting these cords around you – left, right, front, back, above, below.

This exercise has to be done every day, even if you are unaware which karmic vows are binding you, they will dissipate over time. You can tangibly feel lighter and a marked difference in the energy after every cord cutting session, which hardly takes 2 minutes.

It is advisable to do a grounding exercise after the cord cutting (for grounding procedure, please read ‘Connecting With The Magical Energy Of Mother Earth’) and connect with Mother Earth.

Another great way of releasing self-limiting vows is to take the help of Goddess Kali. Manifestation of the primordial Mother Goddess, she is the Goddess of Time. Her ferocious form can be intimidating to many, but those who approach her like a child, can establish a very personal and deep relationship with her. She has the heart of a Great Mother, who fiercely loves all those children seeking her blessings and is extremely protective of them. Her blessing cuts off everything not needed in our lives, for our soul growth and divine destiny. Simply praying to her to release the bondages of past vows that no longer serve our highest good, works like a miracle.

A common issue for many people is removal of money blocks. Here, Money Reiki works wonderfully for removing money blocks that you might be carrying from the past.

Akashic Records readings is an effective way of recognising the karmic vows and beliefs from the past that are holding us down. The records can be rewritten to cut those ties (to know more, read ‘Why Akashic Records Readings Are So Transformative‘), and can change the whole energetic pattern.

Empowering affirmations can also go a long way in releasing karmic vows:

* I release all old vows, promises and oaths that do not serve my highest good

* My present and future is unaffected by any vows I might have taken consciously or subconsciously in the past

* I am a powerful child of God and free from all self-limiting energetic patterns

We are constantly creating our destiny. Often in our everyday lives, we place conditions on our own self without realising the implications of the energetic impressions. It is therefore necessary to regularly cut the cords (read for more details ‘How Unwanted Etheric Cords Are Draining You Energetically’), and free ourselves from the etheric web of patterns that hold us down.

(You might also want to check out this unusual little story on the impact of a past life promise made to oneself: ‘The Jasmine Trail’)

(Sudipta is an energy healer, Akashic Records practitioner and mystical storyteller. Her collection of short stories ‘Mystical Tales Of Sacred Earth’, Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow Of Life’ and ‘The Blue God’s Love’ are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle.)

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  1. This is a good read. I believe in karma, good or bad it will come back to you.. that’s why I ‘try’ to choose good all the time (with emphasis on try).

  2. What a great read! I believe in what goes around comes around and also with what type of things we feed our mind. In my opinion, a mindset is such a powerful thing and if we feed it positivity then the positive energy flows but it can also go the opposite direction if we feed our minds negativity.

    Maureen |

  3. I think that our beliefs and perception of things can affect what sort of things happen in our lives. Those that are overly negative attract more negativity.

  4. Great read! I think I may have subconsciously freed myself from a toxic job by directing energies that sped up an amicable separation. I truly believe in vows and oaths cast and bound that affect us knowingly or not. very good read again!

  5. I love this read. I do actually think it’s a very proper, a right one

  6. Amen siStar. I love all of this so much. Especially this one – I am a powerful child of God and free from all self-limiting energetic patterns. Thank you for spreading your Light. x

  7. That was a great post and wonderful read , interesting how we can free ourselves from karmic views that bind us . Something to deeply think about.

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