Love’s Eternal Journey

He was sitting near the rocky outcrop watching the flock of sheep around him. If only his flock could understand he loved them so much that his heart shown with a golden light that was brighter than a thousand suns.

The glow radiated it’s brilliant energy across the arid landscape and the white houses at a distance. He could see much further than what his eyes showed him across the horizon. Beyond time and space, he could feel the rhythm of every heart. Tears flowed from his eyes as he felt the surge of one great love in countless hearts, one soul in many bodies.

He cried and laughed in this state of bliss.

The solitude was not for long. As the seven men and three women found the Master, they thought he was only watching them approach. They did not know that he could see countless more – those who believed in his word and those who didn’t, even those who were ignorant that he once walked the earth.

Soon he got up to start his journey, but his feet left no footprint on the sand, nor did his body cast a shadow.

His journey continues across worlds and dimensions, through time and space.

They call him by many names, but his true essence is only love.

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