The Realm Of Blue Shadows

The spectacular chariot raced through the path scattered with metal cores and blocks. In the realm of the Blue Shadows within the inner recesses of the earth, sunlight never reached, and the world looked very different from what it appeared above the earth. 

The shadow beings who lived here were the hoarders of the earth, living deep down in its trenches. The beings of Blue Shadows knew about the lifeforms that lived above, including humans, but never sought to connect with them. The only thing that reached the surface from their realm, was the wealth of their world, the minerals they so ferociously guarded and hoarded. They never wanted to share, but knew that the supreme power that created the universe allowed the humans to take what was rightfully only theirs. It was the immutable law.

Greed, guilt, grief were the only overwhelming emotions they  felt, that was turning their heart into the same dark shadows that covered their world.

“There is still hope,” whispered the princess as she raced her chariot, in search of ‘The Hermit’.

In the dark world of Blue Shadows, they had seen a streak of light flitting across the firmament. The princess had been searching for it since then, to find out in which deep dark cave or crevice, the hermit had chosen to appear.

As the princess raced the chariot in the direction of a cave where they had located the light, she fervently hoped it wouldn’t disappear again.

After reaching the small cave as she stepped inside, she could see the flickering light, but could not find the hermit whose powers had brought her so much hope. Thousands of kilometres above in a Himalayan cave, the hermit in his deep meditation had discovered the world of  Blue Shadows and the beings who lived there. His heart could feel their pain and wished he could do something for them. Every thought is a strong energy. His great empathy and kindness created this light in the world of Blue Shadows. 

The princess could almost feel what the hermit felt, his one thought of kindness, stirred her heart, and before she knew her dark shadow now shone with a little shimmering light. She was transforming….

She was aware she had to protect and nurture this light, and make  it shine in the hearts of the denizens in her world. A tough task that might take eons, but was possible.

The hermit smiled. He had started his journey a long time ago, to deal with the shadows of his own heart, he had never thought that the light of his path would ignite so many hearts, in the seen and unseen worlds.





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  1. This is very, very well written. You have me interested and wanting to know more. You’ve also inspired me to give up on work for today and actually sit down and write more of my own novel.

  2. This is very different than anything I have ever read before. You are very talented!

  3. Wow! I actually have a vivid image in my head now from your descriptions. What an intriguing story, when will we see the next installment?

  4. Have you thought of self publishing? Looking forward to the next instalment

  5. Great post! It definitely catches my attention. Your style is interesting and unique! Can’t wait to read more about this story.

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