Soul writing: How journaling empowers and heals us

Penning down one’s thoughts and feelings is one of the best ways of expressing oneself. When we write for ourself we become our own best friend and treasured confidant. Yes, do not for a moment believe that this is a one way communication – that it is you alone are writing down what you feel – there is a conversation going on – with your Higher Self. This is the beauty of journaling, of putting down the pen to paper, and writing.

If you are interested in exploring this wonderful journey of self exploration and healing, I would advise you to keep a diary or a journal, not use a laptop or a tab. There is something magical that happens when the pen flows, connecting the mind and the heart, and the energy flows through your fingers as the pen moves. This vibrant energy might sometimes get dissipated, if you are using an electronic device, therefore the need to go back to our good old pen and paper.

The process of writing itself is purifying, like taking an energy shower. Whatever be the cause of our unhappiness or anxiety, when it is put on paper, it takes less of a toll on us. The words, the string of sentences stare back and we start seeing the situation like a witness – and when we do that, the pain seems less, the anxiety reduces. That is why journaling is so cathartic.

The pertinent question is – how to get into the practice of journaling effortlessly. Here are some tips:

1. It is true that the process of writing seems like a task. It takes immense discipline to keep sometime aside every day or at least a few times every week, even just 30 minutes, and write in the journal. The difficult part is that this motivation has to come from within us. But first we need to be convinced that writing really helps us, not only in bringing about a balanced perspective to life, but also understanding the workings of our subconscious mind, and ultimately understanding oneself. Once we are motivated enough and get into the practice of writing with discipline, the healing impact of journaling starts revealing itself.

2. To start with, select a beautiful diary or a notebook. The aesthetics and design should attract you so that every time you pick it up, you know that it is not just special but also a sacred space, exclusively for your daily jottings. In time, you will start understanding how precious the diary is as it holds so many thoughts, emotions, dreams, inspirations that define you.

3. Be honest with yourself as you start journaling. It is common for us to find excuses for our fallacies, however when we honestly acknowledge our true feelings, one can touch base with the purest part of oneself. Sometimes, as the outpouring of words flow you might find yourself crying, not in anguish but in relief as you confront the buried truth in your heart.

4. Be kind to yourself, no matter what. Journaling is a beautiful way of connecting with your inner child. It is an effective process of shadow work – the part of oneself that we do not want to acknowledge (will be posting a detailed article on this topic soon). It helps us to reach out to our shadow self that we tend to ignore or shun, and brings about deep rooted healing, sometimes connected with childhood trauma or neglect.

5. As we write about our daily life, our thoughts, every feeling, we start watching the play of life as a witness. After all that is what life is all about – a play, and we are all playing our roles here, for a definite time, before going back home. Journaling helps us in getting detached from all that does not add constructively to our life. This might take time, but we do start experiencing the positive impact gradually. It also helps us in making the right life choices.

As we start opening up, we start enjoying the process of journaling. The freedom to express, the joy of sharing, the insights, all make us feel truly empowered. It cleanses and heals us and gives us inexplicable joy.

One Comment on “Soul writing: How journaling empowers and heals us

  1. Great points here. I especially liked the bit about going through life as a witness. I believe that’s the power of journalling, in that it teaches us to listen to ourselves, to observe what’s going on inside instead of just blindly reacting to everything.

    I also like the advice of selecting a good journal, which can be hit-or-miss depending on who you tell it to. Some people prefer the cheapest books just so that they don’t feel scared to scrawl down their thoughts, others (like me) enjoy having a solid companion that they enjoy seeing and feeling every time they journal.

    I used to set aside like 30 mins to journal per day, but now I have a hybrid of bullet journalling and long-form journalling and just do it sporadically throughout the day, so that I don’t feel the pressure to do it, like homework.

    Anyway, thanks for this awesome post!

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