Reiki : The important practice of daily self-healing

Self-healing is an important everyday practice for all light workers and energy healers, which they often tend to forgo. They give healing to their clients, friends and family, relationships, situations or calamities half way across the world, but constantly ignore the need to give healing to themselves.

Though most energy healers and Reiki practitioners very well know the significance of self-healing, often they give in to excuses like lack of time and convince themselves that someone else needs healing more. A few also honestly acknowledge that they feel lazy doing self-healing every day and don’t try to make an effort unless they suffer from a problem – physical, mental or emotional.

Self-healing makes us feel strongly connected to the energy of Reiki, every single day. A supremely intelligent energy, Reiki can heal all aspects for us that we might not be aware of or might come up in the future. This beautiful connection with the energy guides us in so many different ways, bringing all that we need in our lives and taking away all that does not serve our highest good.

Keeping aside 15 minutes to half an hour every day for self Reiki, goes a long way in our healing journey. Like other spiritual practices, self-healing raises our vibrational energy, and is an essential processes for us to elevate from 3D to 5D.

It is not that difficult to inculcate a practice – early in the morning as soon as we get up or before going to sleep. In fact self Reiki at night, helps us to sleep better.

The main factor is to make the conscious effort. Often if we are travelling or do not have the time or the right situation where we can sit quietly and do self-healing, we can do Reiki in the train, on a flight, waiting at the airport. Hand positions are not necessary, just visualise yourself in the flow of the energy and give healing to each chakra.

One easy an wonderful way of doing self-healing if we don’t have much time, is to give oneself a quick Reiki shower. Visualise the silvery white light of of Reiki cascading down on yourself like a shower, totally covering you from head to toe. And then, see yourself merging in that light. Even a few minutes under the ‘Reiki shower’ will make you feel rejuvenated and new.

Grounding is an essential practice that is an important part of self-healing process, which all Reiki practitioners as well as those who are not attuned to any energy healing modality, can do every day. Connecting with the energy of Mother Earth, helps us to ground and calm the mind, and cleanses us energetically. It is a wonderful stabilising factor. (To know more, please read my previous article ‘Connecting With The Magical Energy of Mother Earth‘).

Aura cleansing and cord cutting are other significant practices that should be done every day, and hardly take a few minutes. These can be done by even those who are not energy healers. Unwanted etheric cords that keep growing back should be got rid off daily through some simple processes. To understand the need for this, please read my writeup on ‘How Unwanted Etheric Cords Are Binding Us Energetically‘.

And yes, an essential aspect of Reiki practice are the 5 Principles … that we often forget to say aloud, daily:

Just for today, I will not be angry.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will live with gratitude.

Just for today, I will be kind to all living things.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

If we affirm these 5 Principles every morning, it sets the energetic impression of how we are going to think, act and speak the whole day.

(Sudipta is an energy healer, Akashic Records practitioner and mystical storyteller. Her collection of short stories ‘Invoking Our Inner Goddess’,’Mystical Tales Of Sacred Earth’, ‘The Blue God’s Love’ and ‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow Of Life’ are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle.)

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