The Shadow Self

You and I are one, my dearest friend
But I always ignore your call
I turn away my face, not look you in the eyes
Try to forget your very existence.

Yet, you always come knocking my door
In the darkest moment of my pain
In the spotlight of my reflection
In solitude as my other self.

You are my suppressed sorrows
My unexplained fears
My forgettable foibles
My abandoned Inner Child.

I will never be whole
Unless I learn to love and embrace you
Then you and I will walk together into the light
My forever companion, my shadow self.

6 Comments on “The Shadow Self

  1. The line “Unless I learn to love and embrace you” got me. chills.

  2. Nice poem. I think understanding and accepting who we are plays a vital role in our lives. The earlier we do so, the better for us.

  3. Beautiful poetry! Thank you for reminding us that it is important to accept and love ourselves.

  4. Having a shadow is like storing skeletons in your closet. While you cannot get rid of those mistakes in your life, it’s more important to strive each day to become a better version of your old self.

  5. I love the way your expressed our shadow selves! Yes, we must confront and then accept our fears, anxieties and weaknesses in order to move forward and reach a new level of self love.

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