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Primordial song of the Goddess

Soul Poetry: You move through my worlds

The blue sky and the floating monsoon clouds The green rolling hills that merge into the horizon The distant river that meanders through the mangroves The fragrance of unknown wild flowers that swirls in the air Every morning I wake up to your picture… Continue Reading “Soul Poetry: You move through my worlds”

Soul Poetry: The Reflection

You are my greatest friend, My steadfast companion, When I see your reflection in the mirror I recognise myself, And, get caught in a swirl of illusions. I am the soul and you are my physical self, The greatest gift that is always with… Continue Reading “Soul Poetry: The Reflection”

The Shadow Self

You and I are one, my dearest friend But I always ignore your call I turn away my face, not look you in the eyes Try to forget your very existence. Yet, you always come knocking my door In the darkest moment of my… Continue Reading “The Shadow Self”

In Search Of Silence

I would always search for silence in the cacophony of the world, Till I realised that permeating all the sounds, Is your cosmic energy dear Mother Kundalini, For everything in our inner and outer world is nothing but your supreme consciousness. I heard you… Continue Reading “In Search Of Silence”