6 ways of using Chi balls

In these difficult times when we all need to constantly keep our energy uplifted, think positive, be hopeful and have a balanced approach to life, one simple energy healing technique can truly help us. It is the wondrous Chi ball. Chi is the universal / life force energy, called by different names across various cultures.

All Reiki practitioners and those into other energy healing modalities are well aware of Chi balls and its wonderful effect on healing people, harmonizing situations, space clearing, and so many other uses.

However, even if you are not an energy healer, you can easily make these Chi balls. The power of the universal energy (Chi) is for everyone, and your strong intent can make it work for you, your loved ones and your home.

These energy balls are made with our hands, imbued with our love and intent. To make a Chi ball first rub both your palms together, and then slowly start taking them apart, then try bringing them together again, very slowly. Repeat the process a few times. Try and feel the energy between your palms. After sometime, when you are bringing the palms together, you can feel some kind of an elasticity in the space between both the palms – as if there is something tangible in the air between them. When this happens, start visualising that you are making a ball of this energy, by taking your palms around it to create and mould it.

Power this ball with your intent and send / throw it where you want it to go.

There are so many wonderful ways of using Chi balls, highlighted here are 6 simple ones:

  1. On yourself: After creating the Chi ball, place it on top of your head. Visualise its energy surrounding / showering on you. If you feel the need for protection to keep negative people / situation / energies away, visualise it forming a ball of white light around you.
  2. For loved ones: Even if you are not attuned to distant healing (particularly Reiki), you can send a Chi ball to heal and protect a loved one in another city/place. After making the Chi ball, throw it on the person and imagine him / her surrounded by the energy. Pink is a good colour of Chi ball to send love.
  3. A situation: Chi balls can be used to heal situations, for instance, misunderstanding between two people, could be you and a relative, or between your siblings, a rift between two friends, etc. Send Chi balls for some days visualising that the people involved are now sharing a harmonious relation, are talking to each other, have come close together, and the Chi ball of love and harmony that you have sent is filling up the space around them. You could do this for a few days or a couple of weeks.
  4. Natural calamities: You could similarly send a Chi ball of healing to a place that has been the site of a natural disaster – from forest fires to floods – for healing the land, its people, the animals, vegetation and other natural resources. Sending Chi balls is a beautiful way to contribute towards the healing of Mother Earth.
  5. For your home: Our home is our haven, and should always be filled with positive and loving energy. If there is a particular room or a corner / area where you don’t feel too comfortable, you could place a Chi ball there. You can shower the whole room with the energy of the Chi ball by standing in the centre and placing it there sending positive energy to the walls, the ceiling and the floor – across all directions in the space. If you continue to do this for a few days you will start finding a marked difference in the energy of the room. You and your family can tangibly feel the positivity of the environs. You can also use the Chi ball for bringing harmony to a space (room) that has seen fights and arguments.
  6. Pets and plants: It is a wonderful practice to shower loving energy on your pets and plants. Always fill the Chi balls with a lot of love so that the energy starts working for them.

One important aspect you need to keep in mind when sending a Chi ball is that after you have sent it to people / situations / places, always cut your own energetic cord with it. You can cut the air before you with your hand (like a karate stroke), imagining that the cord has been separated. You have done something wonderful, however you should not have etheric cords tying you down to the situation / place / people. After doing any energy healing, cord cutting is necessary.

The more we practice making Chi balls and using it, the easier we start finding how this can heal, harmonize and bring about positive energy for people and situations.

(Sudipta Dev is an energy healer, Akashic Records practitioner and mystical storyteller. Her collections of short stories ‘Mystical Tales Of Sacred Earth’ and ‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow Of Life’ are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle.)

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  1. An interesting way of meditation. I love how creative these ways are! And it looks super cool too

  2. I have always been interested to learn this. I have been following Reiki practitioners and I know how important it is to manage energy around us. Thank you for sharing this. Will try this with my plants.

  3. I am on my path to healing recently. And it’s nice to have come across this. I am a strong believer of energy and the proper use and preservation of it.

  4. Such a wonderful post really helpful in these times .Rubbing palms to create energy and the concept of chi balls for healing are really interesting .A wonderful share indeed

  5. Though not a Reiki practitioner I have done this a few times on my dog. One of my good friends taught me and it really does help!

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