The Magical Bride

She would always wait for him when the sun set,
Beautiful and resplendent in all her glory.
And everytime he saw her,
He would fall in love all over again.

His bride was ethereal and magical,
But he knew she could never be completely his.
She would vanish every morning at the break of dawn,
And he would pine away till sunset awaiting for her to return.

Her mesmerising beauty captivated every heart,
Whoever saw her found it difficult to avert their eyes.
In anguish he would see her showering a hypnotic magic on them,
And, desperately he would try to cover her in vain.

But the Lord of the Clouds,
Could never hide his beautiful bride.
The Queen of the Starry Skies always reigned in her majestic beauty,
Casting an enchanting spell on the world every night.

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