Connecting with the magical energy of Mother Earth

We are all daughters and sons of one great mother – Mother Earth. We are born of her and intrinsically linked to her, spiritually and energetically. We change as she changes, and our vibrations are uplifted as she evolves.

In these tough times when we are all trying desperately to find our bearings, consciously making an effort to bond with her spiritually, can truly make a difference in how each one of us can realign our relationship with her. For how many of us hear her silent call (which she does all the time), truly understand her magnanimity or even regard her and her natural creations as sentient beings?

It is in forming this deep spiritual bond that we can connect with her energetically – uplifting ourselves, opening a floodgate of revelations (for she is a generous mother), and bringing our hearts closer to her heart.

There are many simple ways how we can consciously strengthen our energetic bond with her.

– Healing through touch: We do not have to be energy healers to send healing energy to Mother Earth. Our hands are our greatest tool. Take a few moments every day to sit on the floor (even if you stay in a high-rise apartment). Touch the floor with both your hands, close your eyes and feel that your loving touch is healing her many scars and wounds that we as a species have inflicted on her. No expression of love ever goes unnoticed. She will reciprocate.

– Grounding: Grounding is a wonderful exercise to connect everyday with Mother Earth. It’s great to do it in the morning, before you start your day, or anytime in between when you are feeling stressed or frazzled. This helps you in many ways as you feel centred and calm. Visualise roots expanding and going down from the sole of your feet, deep into the womb of Mother Earth. You can do it whenever you want to calm your wandering mind. The stable energy of Mother Earth will keep you focused.

– Earth Star Chakra: Located 8 to 12 inches below your feet, the Earth Star Chakra is outside our physical body, unlike the commonly known 7 chakras (subtle energy centres). Every day we are bombarded with energies that are not good for us physically as well as spiritually. These range from energies from electronics to negative talk / thoughts to news of violence, etc. By consciously connecting with the Earth Star Chakra, we can get rid of these dense energies and draw the clean and strong energy of Mother Earth through the Earth Star Chakra. You can do this through visualisation. Spending time in nature and walking barefoot are other ways of connecting to the Earth Star Chakra.

– Spending time in nature is a joyous way of connecting with the spirit of Mother Earth. Nowadays, even if you cannot step out of home, just visualising yourself in nature is a powerful exercise. For example, feeling the wind flow through your hair, smelling the rain drenched earth, are easy visualization techniques. You can even listen to nature sounds to help you in visualization, like sound of the waves, call of birds, gurgling brooks, etc. Nature is sentient, the energy that flows through the wind or makes a flower bloom, is the same that gives us life. Connecting with it elevates our vibration.

– Chi balls: In my previous article on chi balls, I had mentioned about giving healing energy to plants and also about sending healing to a place that has witnessed natural calamity. It is an easy energy healing technique that anyone can do without training. To know more about chi balls please read 6 Ways Of Using Chi Balls.

Mother Earth always gives us manifold times when we start connecting to her spiritually. Her spiritual gifts and blessings are way beyond what we can ever imagine.

Just make a little effort, and let the magic flow into your life.

(Sudipta is an energy healer, Akashic Records practitioner and mystical storyteller. Her collections of short stories ‘Mystical Tales Of Sacred Earth’ and ‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow Of Life’ are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle.)

9 Comments on “Connecting with the magical energy of Mother Earth

  1. What I am interested to see is about the new discoveries in the future where simple nature can heal severe sicknesses such as cancer, etc.

  2. There is something so special and healing about being in nature. Have you read ‘The Natural Health Service’ by Isabel Hardman? It explores the role adventure and the outdoors can have in helping people manage their mental wellbeing.

  3. I love the idea of connecting with the energy of Mother Earth for healing. I do this too that’s why I love being with nature as well as the sea.

  4. I believe that grounding is so important to bring our bodies back to normal. My sister got her PhD in Ethnobotany and she is on a mission to find plants that will heal all sorts of diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  5. It was so good just reading this and I love this kind of healing with energy and magic from earth . Wonderful share!

  6. I have always believed in healing through touch. I actually do this and it really does wonders. Thank you for sharing this and for reminding to never lose our connection with mother earth.

  7. I definitely love spending time in nature to reconnect but I’ve never heard of chi balls. Interesting…

  8. grounding and touching is my favorite way to relax and comfort myself. Great post, I will try other ways as well

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