Soul Poetry: The Reflection

You are my greatest friend,
My steadfast companion,
When I see your reflection in the mirror I recognise myself,
And, get caught in a swirl of illusions.

I am the soul and you are my physical self,
The greatest gift that is always with me through this transitional phase,
I look at you with love and admiration and always think you are me,
How wrong I am.

Yes, sometimes I forget that you are as pure as the bright light of my Higher Self,
I ignore your warnings and misunderstand your signs,
And I punish you so often, thinking I am indulging myself,
But you are not the real me.

It is true that ours is a relationship forged in fire,
A love-hate that is often inexplicable,
But you are my companion till my last breath,
And my identity for the world around.

However, to recognise myself I have to look beyond your reflection,
To discover myself I have to break free of the illusion,
To love myself I need to delve within my unknown sacred space,
I need to see my True Self with my inner eye. 

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