Chi balls & other simple tips for space clearing

Just as we are energy beings, the space around us, whether home or office, is also charged by various energetic imprints caused by people and incidents. What is enclosed by concrete walls are vibrations that impact us constantly, just like we impact these spaces through our mental and emotional states, and our actions/ interactions with other people.

For those of you who are sensitive to energies or are empaths, you can instantly feel the energy of a space as you step into it – whether it’s someone’s home or a room. I have been highly sensitive to energy since my childhood, never understanding what would always hit me when I visited someone’s home. I could so palpably feel the energy that I would avoid visiting people, never understanding what was happening to me. It is only after many decades that I became aware that I am a highly senstive empath and would pick up energies of a place, instinctively.

This usually happens when stepping into someone’s private space, where inter-personal relations of the occupants, or their mental or emotional states affects the space. Public places on the contrary, mostly have neutral energy as there are too many people with divergent energetic impressions who pass through the area. It is a different matter altogether if a tragedy like an accident had occured in the space leaving many people dead or injured. The dominant traumatic energetic impressions can continue to impact the space even after years.

As most of us are concerned with the space in our home, which is our haven and refuge, it is important to cleanse the space of any negative energetic impressions. And there are many simple ways of making it possible. One does not have to be an energy healer to clear a space and uplift the energy.

Using chi balls is an extremely effective way of healing the energy in a room that has witnessed arguments / fights, anxiety and negative emotions. It is a very simple process – stand in the centre of the room, breath in deeply, try and calm your mind, and then take your palms together in a namaste position just in front of your heart. Next, rub both the palms together for a few minutes , then slowly, in fact, very slowly move the palms apart till you can tangibly feel the elasticity of the energy between your palms (for some people this might take a little practice to feel the pull of the energy). Now move your palms to create the shape of a ball in the air, hold it for sometime to infuse it with the intent of peace and love, then throw it up towards the ceiling, feeling the shower of energy fall around you in the room. You can immediately feel a shift in energy.

If the room is large and there is a particular corner or an area, or furniture (for example a work desk, a dinning table or a sofa which has denser energy due to constant arguments), you can additionally make a chi ball and throw it there. You can similarly do the same at walls and the corners. In fact, the corners often have stagnant energies and need to be taken care of in particular.

Create the chi balls with a lot of joy and playful energy, these will not only brighten the room, but also make you feel wonderful. Everything is intent, so if you wish you can give a colour to the chi balls, for example– green for healing, pink for love, blue for harmony. It is completely your choice. (You can know more about various uses of chi balls in this article : 6 ways of using chi balls).

Then there are many age old space clearing practices followed by many Indian families which are still practiced, like swabbing the floors of the home with salt (preferably sea salt) water, particularly on Tuesdays and Saturdays, to mitigate the malefic effects of Mars and Saturn, respectively. Make sure that the water used for swabbing is completely drained out from your home. Most of us are aware of the great benefits of salt for clearing energy, whether it is our aura or our home. Keeping salt in the corners of the room to be cleared away the next day is also believed to be an excellent way of removing stagnant energy from a room. You can also keep a bowl of sea salt at the centre of the room for 24 hours. If you are using salt for space clearing, just always ensure that it is thrown / drained out from your home after a day, don’t reuse this salt for any other purpose.

Yet another ancient energy clearing practice that we continue to follow everyday is burning an incense stick and taking it around the house, from room to room, encircling around the main entrance door and finally placing it at the place of worship. The smoke from the incense dissipates soon, leaving a faint trace of fragrance, uplifting the atmosphere. The magical twilight hours are the best time for this. Please make it a point to use natural incense sticks and not the chemical ones available in the market.

Then of course, there are the crystals, which can truly uplift the vibration of a space. You can place a black tourmaline at the entrance to prevent negative energies from entering your home. Black tourmaline is known for warding off negative energy and giving protection. Amethyst (my personal favourite) is another wonderful crystal for warding off negative energy. Keep amethyst tumblers or better still, geodes, around the house, in places where you think you would like to change the energy. A crystal for protection and spiritual growth, the vibrations of amethyst will make a difference.

Please remember, the greatest positive impact on a space and imbibing it with uplifting energy can be done by – You. Never forget that you are supremely powerful, and no matter how much negativity and turmoil a space has witnessed leaving behind unwanted energetic footprints, your thoughts and emotions can make a miraculous difference. There is nothing more powerful than your own energy. Positive thinking, quiet contemplation, controlling the use of derogatory words or negative thoughts, being centered and mindful, can all change the energy of a space.

There are of course practices like meditation and spiritual chanting which are incredible ways of lifting us vibrationally and impacting our environment. We need to believe in our own power to make a difference to the environment we live in.

(Sudipta is an energy healer, Akashic Records practitioner and mystical storyteller. Her collection of short stories ‘Invoking Our Inner Goddess’,’ Mystical Tales Of Sacred Earth’, ‘The Blue God’s Love’ and ‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow Of Life’ are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle.)

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