Soul Poetry: You move through my worlds

The blue sky and the floating monsoon clouds

The green rolling hills that merge into the horizon

The distant river that meanders through the mangroves

The fragrance of unknown wild flowers that swirls in the air

Every morning I wake up to your picture perfect world

It takes my breath away and fills my heart with gratitude

To see you manifest as nature and adorn yourself in all your glory

You open arms through your breathtaking world and draw me closer to your cosmic heart

This beauty blesses my eyes and uplifts my spirit

Then, I close my eyes and step into the world inside

And feel the primordial vibration of your life force energy, the divine feminine

From the stillness of my heart I can feel an inexplicable bliss emerge 

It is you who moves through my worlds, within and without

Embracing me in your divine love as only the Great Mother can.  

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