Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow of Life

My new collection of short stories ‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow of Life’, has just been published on Amazon Kindle.

Water is the magical flowing energy of the earth. It is our greatest teacher and miraculous healer.

Developing a strong connection with the energy of water means clearing out everything that is unwanted in our lives, surging ahead despite the many obstacles on our soul path journey, maneuvering our way through the challenges, cleansing, rejuvenating, and constantly renewing ourselves.

The ten short stories in this collection are from the hinterlands of India. Hope you enjoy reading them.

– A Reverie
– The Pearl Of Gomti River
– Guardians Of An Ancient Secret
– The Mind Lake
– The Unusual Story Of A Water Diviner
– A River Remembers
– Island In The Blue Mist
– A Boat Race
– Flight Of The Swan
– Waiting By The River Ganga

‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow of Life’ is available across all Amazon platforms worldwide.

Link : https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08WPLXV6Y/

In The Cave Of My Heart

From the nothingness of cosmic darkness,
You appeared for a moment,
And smiled.

I was so stunned and ecstatic,
By the vision of your dark blue form,
Merging into the darkness again.

But the smile lingered on in space and time,
The promise of happiness,
A joy yet to be discovered.

Tears flow from my eyes in gratitude and love,
The knowingness of a divine legacy,
That I carry in my heart.

For the world you are Shiva the Greatest Yogi,
The meditative God who has no beginning and no end,
Shiva the annihilator, the cosmic dancer from whom everything originates and dissolves.

But for me you are my deepest Self, enshrined in the quiet cave of my heart.

How Unwanted Etheric Cords Are Draining You Energetically

We are all energy beings and it is important for each one of us to keep our energetic vibrations at a higher level. This not only clears the aura, uplifts the mind, makes the heart more centered, but also continuously draws more positive outcomes in our lives.

The Universe always reflects whatever we feel energetically, so if we have a clean, uplifted and positive energy, that is what the Universe keeps sending our way. Remember, the laws of the Universe are neutral, it is the choice we make in our lives, through free will, that determines our destiny.

There is one big impediment which comes in the way of keeping our energy clean and uplifting – the unwanted etheric cords.

The etheric cords are energy strands that connect you with a person, a place, or a situation. These cords are of two types – the positive cords are the bonds of love that make you feel uplifted, relationships of mutual respect, balance in give and take. For instance, these are the bonds you share with your parents, siblings, spouse, children and close friends. Also, your soul tribe and spiritual mates.

The other type of cords is that which makes you feel an overpowering feeling of loss, helplessness, resentment, anger, jealousy – all those aspects that pull you down energetically. Severing these cords does not mean you will cut off relationship with the person with whom you have or had a troubled relationship – but getting rid of the negative aspects that are draining you energetically, and bringing down your vibrational level.

We are every day forming etheric cords, many of which are unwanted, and drain the energy field constantly, impacting our mental, physical and emotional health. These unwanted etheric cords could have their origin in the following:

From past lives

Etheric cords continue to exist with people, significant places and vows made in past lives (for example, if you were a nun in a previous lifetime and had made a vow of chastity, this can continue to have an impact on your current married life). While neither the people or the decisions you made have any place in your present life, the effect remains. You can equate these cords with psychic cords, which continue to exist even after many lifetimes. They often appear as karmic patterns – repeating occurrences that refuse to go away no matter how much you try. These can sometimes manifest as physical ailments, unknown fears or a mind block.

The cords we are forming now

  • Everyone we interact with on a day-to-day basis, even if there is a slight emotion in the exchange, leads to formation of etheric cords. Anyone with who we have had a troubled relationship, for example, ex-boyfriend / girlfriend, former spouse, friends or colleagues with whom we have had a fallout – all those people who were once a part of our lives.
  • The givers: Those who are inherent givers have to be extremely careful, because an unbalanced relationship is the root cause of unwanted etheric cords. The people who have taken from you will continue to draw from you energetically at a subconscious level, unless they have returned your generosity in some way. If you are in a relationship with someone who is constantly needy, it can lead to dependency issues and an unhealthy energetic equation. So, while you open your heart and continue to give, always remember to cut the cords, if possible, every single day, because these cords keep growing back.
  • If you are an empath or a sensitive soul and get deeply affected by the news, whatever is happening in your locality, city, country or the world in general. These current times are extremely stressful for highly sensitive souls, who are finding themselves unable to protect their energy from all the gloom and doom surrounding them.

Cord cutting is an extremely effective solution to detach these unwanted etheric bonds. This can be done with Reiki and Angelic Healing or any other energy healing modality. If you are not into energy healing, you can do it yourself through your strong intent and visualization, followed by affirmations.

The cords can be cut one by one (if you are aware of the person or situation), followed by healing and sealing. It is important to note that no matter how much painful the relationship might have been, the cords have to be cut with love and forgiveness. Every relationship is a lesson learnt and important for our soul growth, so the severance has to be done with respect.

Cord cutting is done not just to heal the present but through all directions of time (past, present and future). The more unwanted cords we severe, the more free we can become.

For those who are new to this, please remember, it is not difficult to understand if you are bound by debilitating etheric cords – whether from a past life or present. If you notice a particular pattern in your life when it comes to situations or people, you will understand there is a karmic connect that is not doing you any good.

Energy healers can often perceive these cords while giving healing to someone. The guardian angels/spirit guides of the recipient show the same to the energy healer so that she/he can understand the root cause with clarity. This is also sometimes revealed while doing Oracle card readings.

It is necessary to understand that the cords of love are never severed. These are the cords of light which sustain us, giving us strength, on our soul path journey.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new book, ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

Deepening Our Spiritual Bond With Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Gaia, Bhoomi Devi – she is called by so many names in different cultures, but her essence is always the same – she is the Great Mother, and we are her children. Like trees, mountains, rivers, and every aspect of nature, we too are a part of her. We are of her.

‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, are stories from across the world, and span centuries.

1. The Gift Of Connectedness : The life purpose of a young woman in ancient India, possessing an unusual gift of connection with plants and trees.

2. The Hawthorn Love Tale : The supernatural love story of a druidess in the British Isles, about 1500 years ago.

3. The Manifestor: The journey of a monk who has a great secret to protect.

4. Wrath Of The Forest Goddess : The legend of a forest goddess, who roams the forests and valleys in anger. How can she be pacified ?

5. The Golden Veil : A young boy’s encounter with the mystical serpentine energy of Mother Earth in a Pacific island.

6. Priestesses Of The Earth Goddess: The mysterious sisterhood of earth healing priestesses in Central America.

7. A Sacred Legacy : The growing tribe of the earth warriors.

The collection of short stories is all about forming a deeper spiritual connection with Mother Earth. And in the process, discovering one’s “true self”.

This is the second ebook in the Soul Tales Series.

‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’ is available across all Amazon platforms worldwide and Kindle Unlimited. (Kindle app can be downloaded from Google Play Store).

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7 Mystical Tales Of Sacred Earth

My collection of short stories ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, has just been published on Amazon.

These stories are for those who feel a deep spiritual connect with nature and Mother Earth. The tales span centuries, cultures and continents:

The story of a young woman in ancient India, possessing an unusual gift of connectedness with plants and trees … the supernatural love story of a druidess in the British Isles, about 1500 years ago … the journey of a monk who has a great secret to protect … the legend of an angry forest goddess … a young boy’s encounter with the mystical serpentine energy of Mother Earth in a Pacific island … the mysterious cult of earth healing priestesses in Central America … the sacred legacy of the earth warriors.

You may call her by any name – Mother Earth, Gaia, manifestation of the supreme primordial energy, the divine feminine. There is no better time then now, to understand and deepen our sacred bond with her.

This is the second ebook in the Soul Tales Series. ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’ is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08R9PGY4T/

Amazon.in https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08R9PGY4T/

The Intruder

He looked from a distance at the house, glowing in the dark amidst the dark snow covered landscape. He had been wandering in the woods for a while, when the soft light from the cottage and the laughter of its residents drew his attention.

The cottage was in the outskirts of the village and at a short distance from other residences. He emerged from behind the trees and moved forward. He looked at the sky, at the moon. He did not want the moonlight to give him away.

He peeped through the window. Yes, they were all there, four children and seven adults. He knew that the old man and the woman lived here always. The two sons with their wives, and the daughter who lived in the nearby town, had all come to be with the old couple. The elder son had three children and the second son had a three-year-old daughter.

“What a beautiful child,” thought the intruder as he watched through the window the little girl, whose name was Dana, playing with a pink teddy.

The family had braved snow and an adverse weather to be together during the holidays. It was a family ritual, every year they were together this time of the year. The love and belonging they shared, the laughter and the music, he wished he could be a part of them.

The intruder knew what would happen if he suddenly appeared to them. How would they react? Shock, disbelief, fear … he was well aware of the range of reactions from them.

He stayed on the porch, watching them from the window. Contemplating what to do.

Suddenly he noticed the little girl. Clutching her pink teddy, she was looking at him now through the window.

She seemed perplexed, as she should be, smiled the intruder to himself. She kept staring at his silvery form.

Little Dana would never know whom she had seen one winter night through the window – an Angel of God, who in times like these wished he born a man, to experience love, laughter and belonging which only human beings can.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new book, ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

Why Akashic Records Readings Are So Transformative

Akashic Records are the cosmic library that houses every thought, word, action and experience that each one of us goes through, on our soul path journey. `Akash’ , the Sanskrit word for sky or ether, is the fifth element that comprises our existence. The other four being – earth, water, air and fire.

It is important to understand that the Akashic Records are a living library that continues to record every moment of our soul’s existence … even now as you are reading this blog post – every thought that you are thinking, each emotion that you are feeling, is being recorded. Maybe that is why all the great spiritual Masters who walked the earth, from our ancient sages to modern day mystics, have always emphasized that we should make efforts to keep our thoughts and words positive and uplifting. Nothing goes unnoticed or ignored.

An Akashic Records reading is a deeply transformative process – it works as a powerful energy shift – healing the past, uplifting the present and manifesting the future for one’s highest good. (To understand how Akashic Records reading is done, you may wish to know about the process through this link : Akashic Records Readings.)

The Akashic Records are in and around us, it is not something separate from us. We just need to access it to get the answers to our deepest questions. It is therefore advisable to be prepared before the reading session, with the questions. Here are a few of the common questions often asked by people :

  1. Why do I have such a troubled relationship with my father?
  2. Why do I keep having money problems despite working so hard?
  3. Why doesn’t my husband or partner give me respect?
  4. Why does my daughter give me so much trouble?
  5. Why did I not get the promotion I deserve?
  6. Why can’t I get over my childhood trauma?
  7. What is the root cause of my physical pain or disease?
  8. Why am I burdened with everyone’s problems in my family?
  9. Why do I always attract the wrong kind of men in my life?

Then there are some people who want to know the answers to questions like :

  1. What is the purpose of my soul’s journey?
  2. What do I need to know to find a higher calling in life?
  3. Is God happy with me?

While accessing the records to find the answers to our problems (e.g. the first set of questions), we often have to go back to the past, as many of the problems find their root cause in unresolved issues which need healing.

My experience of doing Akashic Records readings for myself, my family, friends and clients have always revealed the answers to be way beyond what one can ever imagine. Though sometimes the true cause is lurking right beneath the surface, and one gets more clarity.

With this clarity starts the healing process. The understanding of the cause which may go back to another lifetime; a karmic issue or maybe your own lack of self-worth.

The reading itself is a sacred and a deeply emotional experience for many people. And, rewriting the past records is an extremely powerful process which leads to deep rooted healing. However, no matter how much you might rewrite the past records, unless you work every day to constantly uplift your present energy, the issue will continue to have a debilitating effect on your life.

Affirmations, visualizations, positive thinking, self-honouring actions, are some of powerful ways how we can uplift our energy so that we keep recording only the highest good and truth in our records. (Will explain more about this in my future articles, in the Akashic Records series).

For most people, I have seen the Akashic Records reading brings about a significant positive change within a few weeks, if not days. Particularly, if their question has been related to a past issue/incident, which has been rewritten and healed.

The whole process is extremely self-empowering as you realise that you are no longer a victim of a circumstance, but have taken a conscious decision to heal it with compassion, forgiveness, love and heartfelt empathy. You have taken charge.

And as your past heals, so does its impact on your present.

I truly believe that you are called upon to do your Akashic Records reading, only at the right time. Never before.

The understanding and the transformation that comes with it is a life-changing moment for our soul growth.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new books, ‘Enchanted Waters: The Magical Flow of Life’ and ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, are available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

The Unusual Tale Of A Monk And A Dragon

This is the story of Dra the dragon, who lives inside a mountain that people think is a dormant volcano. It was not always like this, for centuries the villagers in the area would fear going anywhere near the mountain as it was an active volcano that would spurt fire and fume very often.

Nobody knew of course that Dra the dragon has been trapped inside the mountain since eons. A child of Mother Earth, he was born from the element of fire. It was his loneliness, his anger, the desperation to break free from the stone walls that was his prison and his home, that drove him to spit fire constantly.

Then one day, the arrival of an unusual visitor changed everything. On the path to a nearby monastery, a monk lost his way and landed up in the mouth of a cave in the mountain. As he stepped inside to rest for a few hours, he saw a pair of huge glowing red eyes observing him in the dark.

Dra had never seen a human in all these years. He was surprised to see the monk who looked like no other animal he had encountered before. And like he could communicate with the other animals, he could silently interact with the monk too.

From a crawling spider to a loitering panther, Dra had the ability to feel what a living creature felt. But what the monk felt jarred him to the core. It was totally in antitheses to anything he had experienced before – serenity, patience, self-worth, kindness to all creatures and love that encompassed the whole world.

“What kind of a creature is this ?,” wondered Dra as he started sharing with the monk the sad story of his lifelong painful existence.

“Is there something I can do for you my friend ?” asked the monk, desperately wanting to help the magnificent child of God before him, who had only experienced pain in his lifetime.

“I do not think you can do much for me. I am immortal so I am doomed to be here, in my prison, till eternity. However, if you can stay for sometime with me, it will bring me a little peace,” said Dra.

The monk agreed.

The days turned into months, and then years. The monk did not have the heart to leave Dra alone.

The villagers in the area observed that the volcano had become dormant. They knew that a holy man, a monk lived high up in a cave there, they thought maybe his spiritual powers had silenced the volcano. The monk wanted to be left alone, so they never troubled him or ventured near the cave.

After sometime, they saw a beautiful waterfall flow from a crevice in the mountain. They thought that was another miracle by the holy man.

In a way, it was.

As Dra could feel what the monk felt, he would often be awashed with spiritual ecstasy – the bliss of being one with the Spirit. Tears of ecstasy would emerge from Dra’s eyes, which flowed out from the crevice in the mountain as the waterfall.

The water converted the barren land into a verdant valley, with lush vegetation and species of exotic butterflies and birds.

About 21 years had passed. The monk was an old man now and nearing his death. But he was no longer sad that his friend would be alone. For Dra the dragon had found the greatest companion of all.

The monk passed away, Dra mourned the loss of his Master’s physical existence for sometime, but he knew they were never really separate.

The waterfall continued to flow, and the volcano never erupted again.

Dra the dragon was no longer a prisoner in the mountain, the whole cosmos was his home.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new book, ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

Kali, the Goddess of Time

In the whirl of each day,

I try to grasp the fleeting time.

Tossed among the waves of the passing minutes,

Struggling to cope with the loss of each wasted moment.

Ruthless time waits for none, and will never turn around,

What marches ahead is our own finite existence.

Then I see your dark visage dear Mother,

Kali, the Goddess of Time.

And time stands still,

There is nowhere else to go, nothing more to achieve.

There is no struggle to clutch the fleeting seconds,

No loss of what could have been.

You are yesterday, today and tomorrow,

Every moment is the bliss of your love.

In your beautiful dark form,

I discover the solace of eternity.

(Sudipta Dev is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader and a Storyteller who loves writing short stories on Nature Spirituality. Her new book, ‘Mystical Tales of Sacred Earth’, is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide).

Heartfelt Gratitude

In October 2017, I had started The Soul Energy. At that time I was not sure what direction this blog would take, wasn’t even sure if people would be interested in reading the mystical stories I was posting. I was guided to only write for myself, never change a word or an idea keeping the “market” in mind. I followed that and have been delighted with the wonderful response from so many readers from across the world.

Anything new brings a fresh breath of life, so a few days ago I gave a new look to the website. Please do check out the mystical stories in Soul Tales section (https://thesoulenergy.com/category/soul-tales/), the Sacred Journeys, Soul Poems, Energy Healing articles and more.

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My heartfelt thank you to readers from more than 60 countries who have given so much love to the little stories and articles I have been posting over the last three years. Truly grateful for your support and encouragement.